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Home Audio Equipment: Insignia TVs with Built-In Features

The company mission is to make quality TVs that users can depend on. Televisions are the central focus in home theater rooms and entertainment centers, but viewers want to do more than watch TV. Depending on the model, Insignia offers TVs with built-in DVD players and other features to support auxiliary devices.

What Features Can I Expect?

Televisions and DVD combos allow you to watch a DVD and then switch to a favorite TV program without an external DVD player. Besides the built-in DVD player, you can find options with 720p or 1080p resolution for HD viewing. For convenience, most combo units have an adjustable viewing angle so you can watch DVDs and shows wherever you're seated. Compact TVs are available for smaller rooms like dens, while larger screen sizes suit bigger gathering spaces. Moreover, you can find combo units with larger speakers alongside DTS (Digital Theater System) surround sound. Parents will appreciate the built-in V-chip that lets you block programs you don't want your kids watching. Furthermore, ultra-slim designs are VESA compliant when you intend to wall mount your combo unit.

Does Insignia Offer Smart Technology?

The company's Roku models have a Wi-Fi interface to stream movies, music, and TV episodes you've missed. You can select from up to 3,000 streaming channels accessed through the TV's smart platform. Connect to the Internet wirelessly through the intelligent search feature. You can also access your social media sites in the comfort of your bedroom or kitchen. Likewise, Roku models support Rocketboost wireless cards to send audio to compatible electronics such as receivers.

What Devices Can You Pair?

  • HDMI Inputs: With two or more HDMI inputs, you can hook up a set-top box to work with your local cable connection. If the television doesn't have a built-in DVD player, use a HDMI cable to attach a stand-alone player. Likewise, you can connect a portable laptop or gaming equipment.
  • USB Inputs: Connect any USB device to the television, such as a digital camera or camcorder. Download your pictures to review on the TV's larger screen. Attach pointing devices, such as trackballs, serial mice, or a PDA docking station, to access networking and browser features easier.
  • Headphone Jack: When you want to listen in silence without disturbing someone working or sleeping in your household, plug in your headphones.
  • Ethernet Port: Connect your television to your wired home network to access another computer, DSL connection, or cable modem.