Enjoy Watching Shows or Movies Any Time You Choose With a TV-DVD Combo

A TV-DVD combo allows you to watch both TV shows and DVD movies on one device. This helps reduce the amount of clutter within your home, while still allowing you maximum entertainment opportunities. Understanding basic information about the TV with DVD player options allows you to choose the right one for you from the affordable selection that is available on eBay.

Do TV-DVD combos use multiple remote controls?

TVs that feature built-in DVD players use one remote to operate both devices. There is a button on the remote that allows you to switch between the two without having to change anything with the wiring or television itself. This user-friendly feature makes switching between different viewing formats quick and easy.

What options are available with TV-DVD combos?
  • Under counter-mounted: These TVs feature DVD players built into them that are designed to be mounted under a counter. These TVs come with all of the mounting equipment necessary so they can be installed quickly and easily.
  • Freestanding: Freestanding TV and DVD combos stand on their own and can be placed on any entertainment center or television. They are designed to be one solid mass and sit flush against the structure they are sat on.
  • Mounted or freestanding: Some of the newer TV-DVD combos come with stands that they can be placed on so that they can be used as freestanding televisions. Another option allows the legs of the base to be removed so that the television can be mounted onto a wall using a wall mount.
Can you use a surround sound system with these televisions?

Most of the televisions can be hooked up to a wired home surround sound system. Some of the newer televisions can pair with wireless surround sounds to avoid the use of unsightly wires.

How do the DVDs load into the TV-DVD combos?
  • On the side: These televisions have openings on the side where you can insert the DVD. This allows them to still have a streamlined look by hiding the DVD feature on their side.
  • On the bottom of the TV: Some TV-DVD combos have a small opening at the bottom of the television where the DVDs can be inserted. This is a great option if the television is going to be hung on a wall where inserting the DVD in the side of the television could be more difficult.