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Print Crisp Images with Matte 4\" x 6\" Photo Paper

You can easily print photo quality images when you have the right type and size of paper. Unlike basic white printer paper, paper made specifically for printing photos has coatings that allow you to print items without smudging or fading. The result will be images on matte 4 x 6 printer photo paper that you can proudly display in albums or picture frames.

Do you need specific paper for certain printers?

Keep in in mind that the type of photo paper you select should specifically match the style of your device. Brand type, like Canon, HP, or Dell, does not matter, but printing type, such as inkjet or laser, will make a difference in the type of paper you should select. Laser printers use heated rollers to fuse ink colors, so laser photo paper must withstand ink. Inkjet prints spray on ink, so you will need a paper that is capable of absorbing moisture without causing the colors to spread.

What materials are used to make photo paper?

Photo paper typically consists of a base paper coated with other ingredients. These materials are frequently used for printer photo paper.

  • Wood: Wood pulp is one of the most common ingredients because it provides body and thickness.
  • Cotton: Cotton fibers from rags or pure cotton help to improve the texture.
  • Kaolin: This is a type of clay that may be used to smooth out the surface.
  • Polyethylene: Synthetic plastic compounds are a common ingredient for coatings.
  • Biopolymer: These coatings use cellulose and other environmentally friendly items.
What are the photo paper finishes?

Any paper that is not shiny and glossy, technically, qualifies as matte, but there are still several different finishes available within the matte photo paper category.

  • Matte: The standard matte photo paper finish has a smooth and soft appearance without reflecting light or displaying fingerprints.
  • Luster: This is similar to matte, but it has a slightly smoother surface with a soft shine.
  • Satin: Like luster finishes, satin has a light sheen.
  • Dull: Dull finishes have even less shine than matte.
  • Textured: Some sheets will have a much rougher surface that looks faintly textured.
Is photo paper archival quality?

Archival papers are sheets that will not degrade over time. The main requirement for archival options is that they are acid-free, but there is no strict standard for archival-grade. They are generally acid-free, UV resistant, and free of optical brighteners. Keep in mind that not all photo paper is meant to last forever. Some sheets may be archival quality, but you will have to carefully read the manufacturers description to see if any individual product is archival-grade.