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5 Things to Know About Kodak Matte Printer Photo Paper

Some digital illustrations and photos deserve to be on display and preserved in a physical format. You can print them out on Kodak printer photo paper. These high-quality, matte-finish sheets fit into your inkjet or laser printers to give your photographs, digital designs, and greeting cards a softer look with vibrant color.

What type of projects can be printed on Kodak sheets?

The following types of projects can be printed on Kodak matte photo printer sheets, either in portrait or landscape orientation:

  • Illustrations
  • Full-sized photographs
  • Photo collages
  • Cards and invitations
  • Business signs and displays
What sizes of Kodak photo sheets are available?

There are different pre-cut sizes of Kodak photo sheets you can choose from to suit your project. The smallest is 4 x 6 inches, which works for invitations and small photo prints. A common size is the 8.5 x 11 letter format that can be used for most projects, including folded greeting cards. In order to help you make big-sized prints and banners, Kodak also produces rolls for large-format printers. These rolls are loaded onto a rod that is located near the base of the printer.

What is the thickness of Kodak matte photo paper?

Kodak matte photo paper's thickness can vary; you can find the thickness listed on the packaging. The thickness number will be followed by mil, which means 1/1000th of an inch. So, an 8-mil sheet of paper will be .008 inches thick. Some of the matte paper has the thickness of card stock, which is a thicker sheet that's useful for special printing projects that need a sturdy type of material.

How many sheets of Kodak photo paper are in a pack?

The total sheet count will be listed on the package, but most Kodak packs have 20 to 100 sheets per packet, depending on the dimensions, thickness, and quality.

Are there special instructions for using Kodak matte photo paper?

Kodak sheets need to be treated with care, both in storage and in printing:

  • Adjust your inkjet or laser printer to print on matte photo paper. This change can be made in the Print menu of your software, or you can set it as a default in your printer driver. That way, the correct amount of ink will be applied to your print work, producing a display-worthy printed picture.
  • Keep sheets away from heat sources and open flames.
  • The sheets and packaging should be kept away from open water sources and moist environments to prevent damage and mold development.
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