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Looking for Big Screen 40 to 49-inch TVs

Most people these days enjoy the advantages of the big screen televisions available and have at least one in their home. The extra features available on Smart HDTVs, plus being able to enjoy TV and movie content, play games and plug in your computer on larger screens has changed our home entertainment options over the past ten to twenty years.

What Features Should I Consider? 

There are many choices available to choose from in the big screen HD TV market. The 40 to 49-inch size can be an ideal compromise between a small screen and an enormous one if you are thinking of changing or replacing your TV. Some key features to consider include: 

  • Screen Type: These include high definition LCD, LED, and plasma. In simple terms, the differences between each are in the way the lights inside the TV project the image onto the display. Most big screen TVs have flat-panels, but you will also find curved displays. They can have different vertical and horizontal viewing angles, so check this detail if you want to ensure that the picture is clearly visible from different positions in a room.
  • Connectivity: With any kind of Smart TV or device these days, always check what ports they have to connect with your other devices. You may like to boost your audio with a sound bar, watch DVDs, use a Blu-Ray player, or plug-in gaming or computer equipment. Check for HDMI ports, USB ports, VGA connections, headphone jacks with analog or digital outputs, and so forth that are compatible with your other devices.
  • Built-in Features: Depending on the model, large Smart TVs may have a number of built-in features that you can access via a panel on the TV or your remote control. These applications may include Wi-Fi, built-in games, photo viewers, web browsers, social media, and streaming platforms.
  • Power: It may sound obvious, but also check the power cord on your TV is long enough. Ideally, they should plug directly into a power socket and not shared or doubled up on multi-plug boxes with your other devices. Check your room is the right size for your TV so you are a comfortable viewing distance from the display.

What Does This Brand Offer?

Insignia has released several TV models with different screen types and sizes ranging from 7 inches to 65 inches. Models within the 40-49 inch include:

  • Designs that sit on a central stand or base, outside edge feet, or are wall mountable. 
  • Resolutions of 1080 pixels for watching HD content.
  • LED and LCD panels.
  • Wide screens and differently sized bezels (outer edges) to maximize your viewing experience and watch content with of varying aspect ratios.

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