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Car and Truck Wheel Hubs and Bearings

Your wheel bearings fit right inside of the hub at the end of a spindle and are critical to the good condition of your vehicle. They are essential components that help your car or truck to not only run but do so with smoothness and safety. It is thus essential to have information about these components if you want to repair or replace them.

What does a wheel hub do?

A wheel hub connects the tires of your car or truck to the axles. It is a hollow piece of metal located between the drive axle and the brakes.

What does a wheel bearing do?

A wheel hub bearing helps the wheels of your car or truck turn freely and is vital to the safe handling of your vehicle. It consists of a group of steel balls contained in a race, a metal ring, that fits snugly inside a hub.

How do you adjust your hub assembly?

If you have replaced your car, truck, or trailers hub assembly and are still noticing some give, try tightening it. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure proper adjustment of your vehicles hub assembly:

  • Jack the car - Use a sturdy jack to raise the car, truck, or trailer, chocking the wheel on the reverse side front and back. Release any hand brakes that are set.
  • Add lubrication - Re-lubricate with grease, making sure you use the same type of grease as before.
  • Torque the nut - Torque the nut to 200 feet-pounds while you rotate the wheel. Back off until the nut is loose again. Rotate the tire again, torquing to 100 feet-pounds. Back off one mark.
  • Re-install the retainer - Replace the retainer and tighten the bolts back up to the original condition. Before re-engaging the hand brakes, test the wheel play to ensure it is tightened properly.
How long do bearings last on the axle?

You should check bearings for cars, trucks, and trailers for wear and tear when you check your major belts and other car parts. This should be done approximately every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. A high-quality replacement wheel bearing, installed properly, will last up to roughly 100,000 miles if the grease is maintained. Depending on the vehicle, some models will last up to 150,000 miles. With proper maintenance your bearing should last for many years to come.