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Kate Spade New York Pink Wallets for Women

Kate Spade New York is a brand of American fashion creators named for its creators, fashion designers Kate and Jack Spade. The company produces a large number of designer products from clothing to shoes to jewelry and accessories like purses and bags. Among their many products are pink wallets primarily targeted towards women, with a variety of styles and types to choose from.

What material does Kate Spade make their wallets from?

Kate Spade New York makes their wallets from several different types of fabric, with leather, fabrics, and even plastics going into many of their accessories. Different pocketbooks might also use different materials outside of the basic form, such as 14-karat gold-plated metal for accessories or lettering.

What kind of features are included in Kate Spade wallets?

Multiple pockets is one feature many Kate Spade New York wallets have in common. Several billfolds, especially larger ones, also feature several card holder slots fitted to hold credit cards, spare change, and similar items, with some including a clear slot to display a persons ID card. Some might even have an extra zipper-closed pocket on the front or back for more space. Depending on the billfold in question, a person could choose between zipper or snap closing styles, too. Which features a particular pocketbook has will depend on the type chosen.

Which shades of pink are Kate Spade wallets available in?

There are several different shades of pink to choose from when selecting a Kate Spade New York wallet, including the following:

  • Rosy Cheeks (pale pink)
  • Bright Flamingo (vibrant pink)
  • Watermelon (hot pink)
  • Warm Vellum (creamy pink)
  • Baja Rose (metallic pink)
  • Radish Pink
  • Tulip Pink
What styles of wallet does Kate Spade New York make?

In addition to color variation, there are several different aesthetic styles a pink Kate Spade New York wallet might feature, with mixtures between them being far from uncommon. Spots or polka dots are a common look, as is a glittery surface. Several pocketbooks also include a patch attached on top of them, such as a pink car, flowers, or strawberries. Floral prints are also common, featured on several wallets. Some billfolds are even multicolored, pink being one of the featured colors in the combination.

How large are pink Kate Spade New York wallets?

Pink Kate Spade New York billfolds can vary in size, with many ranging between 4 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches to 6.6 inches by 3.5 inches by 0.5 inches. Both larger and smaller pocketbooks can be found, however, to be able to fit comfortably inside many different sizes of handbags.

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