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How to Find Docks and Mini Speakers with a Remote

You can amplify your music and enjoy a host of other functional features with an iHome dock. These docks or speaker systems allow you to access music from your iPod, iPad, or iPhone and fill the room with sound. They aren't just for playing music, however, as many of them provide other benefits that make the systems all-around useful additions to your arsenal of tech accessories.

What Are Some Dock or Speaker Types?

When browsing for docks from the iHome brand, consider the type of system you're looking for. There are a few different types to choose from, ranging from small and compact to larger and more elaborate systems with additional functions. 

  • A speaker on its own is typically just a single unit that you can connect to your device to amplify your music and create clear, quality sound. These come in assorted designs, sizes, and colors ranging from speakers shaped like the Death Star from Star Wars to column-shaped designs that change colors as music plays.
  • A docking station is larger and looks more like a traditional stereo. There's a port where you can attach your peripheral to connect it to the tech, and it may include numerous additional features such as an AM/FM tuner. 
  • Select an alarm clock dock that pulls double duty as an alarm as well as a docking station for your device. These come in varied sizes and finishes, such as silver, black, or white, and have numerous features, inputs, and connectivity options.

What Are Some Features of Docks and Mini Speakers?

Though a speaker system is mainly used to play audio, that's not all these portable stations can do, so select the model you desire based on the features you think you'll benefit from. 

  • Some models not only play your songs, podcasts, or other content, but they also work as a charging station. Instead of draining your battery as you listen, you're actually charging it up. 
  • Select a wireless model that doesn't require an outlet or cords and cables to work. These are more portable than a wired design, and you can carry them from room to room or take them with you on the go. 
  • A remote control allows you to skip songs, pause music, control volume, or turn your system off from across the room.

Which Devices Can You Use with Docks and Speakers?

A docking station is compatible with a variety of different tech options, but it's wise to verify that the model you select will work with your specific Apple product.

  • There are docking options compatible with iPods, such as the Nano or the Touch version.
  • You can find a Lightning dock that is compatible with a newer Apple smartphone, or you can even choose a model that works with your iPad. 

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