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Yves Saint Laurent Jeans for Men

Since 1961, Saint Laurent has been known for iconic fashion pieces, particularly for men. When it comes to their jeans and denim, the brand designs fashion items that are reminiscent of the rock n' roll era. Therefore, many Saint Laurent denim jeans come in distressed or pre-worn finishes.

What style of jeans does YSL offer?

Saint Laurent Paris offers several styles of denim for men, which include:

  • Skinny jeans: Skinny jeans from Saint Laurent are designed to hug the body. This means that skinny jeans have a tight fit, particularly in the crotch area and in the calf area.
  • Straight leg jeans: These are tighter in the thigh but become looser around the leg, particularly in the calf and ankle.
  • Biker jeans: Biker or moto jeans are either skinny or straight-legged with a wedge or ridge design above the knee. These sections often have elastic underneath, which stretches to make the pants more comfortable when riding motorcycles.
What finishes do Saint Laurent jeans come in?

In addition to different styles, Saint Laurent denim also comes in a variety of finishes that can help enhance your look. These finishes include:

  • Raw: This is cotton denim material that has not gone through any distressing processes. The materials are taken directly off the loom and sewn into pants. They have a distinctive sheen to them.
  • Stretch denim: This material has Lycra or Spandex woven in, which makes the fabric tight but supple. They are often more comfortable than pants that have no stretch, and they often come in black or blue colors.
  • Faded: These pants have areas that are lighter in tone and have some wear patterns or blemishes. They are often a light blue or a faded blue.
  • Dirty: These pants have been washed or treated in a way to make them look worn. Dirt colors and patterns are highly visible.
  • Destroyed or distressed: These jeans from Saint Laurent are often worn away or ripped at the knee.
How do you find your jeans size?

When you try to find men's jeans that fit just right, you may notice that the jeans are sized using a variety of measurements. By measuring yourself correctly, you can find a pair of jeans from Yves Saint Laurent without any problems. The measurements you should take include:

  • Waist: This measurement refers to the size of your natural waistline. If you have trouble finding your natural waistline, bend to the side.
  • Inseam: The inseam measurement refers to the length of the leg. Jeans for men can vary in length options, so this measurement can affect the fit and comfort of your jeans. If you already have a pair that you love, take this measurement from those jeans.