Faldas de mujer

Women's Skirts

Women’s skirts are available in a variety of colors, lengths, cuts, and styles for lots of different body types. Depending on a skirt’s material and style, it can be worn for lots of different occasions. Understanding how to care for skirts will keep them in good condition for a long time.

What styles of skirts are available?

Different types of skirts are available including A-line, maxi skirts, tutus, bohemian skirts, and miniskirts. Different lengths and cuts of skirts are suited for different occasions including casual outings, formal affairs, and a blend of the two. The material of a skirt largely determines how casual or formal it is.

What are some ways to style a maxi skirt?

A women's maxi-skirt can be worn at all sorts of events, both casual and formal. To make it casual and fun, try wearing the skirt at your navel and pairing it with a loose-fitting crop-top. Long, beaded necklaces can be layered for a bohemian effect and paired with either dangly or stud earrings. Shoes can be sandals or vintage boots. You may even feel comfortable mixing patterns on your top and skirt; just keep them in the same colors to maintain your outfit’s cohesiveness.

For a formal event, try tucking a silk or satin blouse into your maxi-skirt and pull the hem out slightly so that it gives the illusion of a dress-like garment. Pair your outfit with heels and tights, and consider a simple pendant necklace with tasteful earrings.

How do you care for skirts?

Women's skirt care depends on the material that the garment is made from. Silk, satin, tulle, and sequined fabrics should be dry cleaned only in order to preserve the quality of the textiles. Cotton, polyester, synthetic blends, elastic, and linen fabrics can be machine washed gently or hand washed with cool water and mild soap. Hang skirts to dry.

What are some occasions suited for tutus?

Women's tutus can be worn for dances, as part of a costume, or on spirit days. They make a great addition to an already-completed outfit. Consider a tutu an accessory. They come in lots of different hues that are appropriate for different pep rallies or sports events and provide the right hint of fun over leggings or pants.

When is it appropriate to wear a skirt over pants?

In the fall, try wearing a fit and flare skirt over leggings paired with boots for a layered effect. You might also opt to wear a short skirt over slim-fitting pants such as corduroys or colored jeans. Try experimenting with waist belts to set off your skirt.