Women's Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are a type of apparel that have multiple uses, such as for riding a motorcycle or for going out dancing. Some of the styles of black leather leggings are designed around a specific theme or style, while others are made to coordinate with a leather jacket, blazer, corset, or dress. These leggings are often black in color and come in a range of sizes.

 How do you choose a size of leather leggings?

Leggings made of leather are designed to fit snugly and stretch around your waist, hips, rear, and legs. The stretch leggings should fit just like leggings made from other materials, such as denim or spandex. To choose the right size of leggings made from leather, measure yourself around the waist and hips. If a size chart is not provided, a good rule of thumb is a waistline of 28 inches or smaller should fit into a size small in leggings. For each two inches bigger your waist is, go up one size in the leggings. If your measurement is between two sizes, consider selecting the larger pair of leggings. Another part of the fit is the length of the leggings. Cropped lengths of pants usually fall in the middle of the calf rather than going all the way to your ankle.

What are the types of leather leggings for women?

  • Shiny or Glossy - The legs of the pants may have a shiny finish that has been polished to allow the black leather pants to reflect the sunlight or light in the room for a sharp, high contrast effect.
  • Punk and Gothic - A punk or Gothic style of leather pants may have a lace design imprinted on the legs or interesting grommets and lacing. In addition to black leather pants, the punk and Gothic styles of leather pants and faux leather leggings may also be available in purple, silver, and other vibrant colors to coordinate with your outfit.
  • Sexy - The black pants may have a drawstring through the fly or in the back around the waistband. Sexy black leather pants may have additional features such as a "wet" or "liquid" look.
  • Skinny fit - Leggings made of leather and faux leather typically have a skinny fit. The skinny pants snugly stretch around your natural waistline, hips, and seat. The pants cling to the legs and contour all of your curves. The skinny fit of the leggings pairs well with a baggy sweater or a loose jacket or blazer for a stylish outfit.

 What are the features of leather leggings for women?

  • Flexible waist - A high-waisted pair of skinny leggings made of black leather can accommodate the curve of your tummy. This is accomplished through the addition of some nylon or elastic in the waistband of the leather pants. The elasticized material around the waistline also makes it easier for you to bend, twist, reach, and lift while wearing black leggings made of leather.
  • Embellishments - The black leggings may have embellishments such as rhinestones or studs attached to the leather to go with a punk or motorcycle outfit. Some have zippers or faux pockets. The leather pants may also have zippers at the ankles that assist in putting them on as well as adding style.