Wide C, D, W Women's Boots

Many women's boots for casual and formal occasions are options for different weather conditions. Multiple sizes are made for different shoppers, and a proper option with suitable measurements can provide support around an entire foot. These boots are made by a variety of brands, and each designer uses various fabrics.

What are the style options?

Ankle boots are designed with straps that keep the shoe material secured in place. These products usually have some sort of metal component that secures the main fabric. Many of these shoes are designed with traditional fabrics and with cowboy or western prints. Cowboy boots are typically are manufactured with rustic elements, such as glossy buckles that are placed on thick straps.

Boots that run up the knee are made with dense fabrics. Knee-high boots are manufactured using a variety of high heel and low heel pieces, and many brands combine different prints that match laces, straps, and other boot hardware.

Mid-calf boots are designed with zippers, buckles, and other hardware; most designers place this hardware along the upper portion of the fabric. When the top brands make these shoes, the designers strategically measure the fabric so that the material stops a few inches above the calf.

Over-the-knee boots are designed with fabrics that are slightly longer than mid-calf boots. Many brands make over-the-knee boots with thick fabric for winter conditions and with thin materials for mild conditions.

What are the material and brand options?

One of the most common materials that designers use to make traditional boots and shoes is leather. Many brands construct footwear out of general leather or patent leather. Rubber is a material that is used to make pieces that support the lining that runs around boots, and you will find different thick and thin options underneath a variety of shoes. Most footwear options also contain rubber cushions. Suede is also a boot material; this fabric is used to manufacture footwear for cold weather conditions. Some designer suede shoes are also built for mild weather. The designer zippers and buckles on most footwear are constructed out of metal.

Timberland and UGG are a few of the many brands that make urban footwear. Urban products feature light and dark fabrics with buckle or zipper hardware. Ariat, Clarks, and Frye offer a variety of wide women's boot options. These brands design summer and winter footwear products with leather and suede material in a range of designs and styles.