Video Game Flight Stick Controllers

Enhance Your Style of Play Using Game Flight Stick Controllers

Video game flight sticks or fight sticks from eBay are a great way to bring arcade-style play home to your computer or gaming console. Many fight sticks for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One have special controls or buttons that can help you modify how you play the game and give you a whole new experience. You can check out the various flight stick and fight stick models to view their features and find the one that suits you.

How do you add a fight stick to your system?

There are two primary ways you can connect your new fight stick to your system. Both ways provide the same level of functionality and depend on your preferences or the way youve set up your equipment.

  • Wired - This option uses a long cord to connect your fighting stick to your system. You wont need to charge this type of accessory.
  • Wireless - A wireless fighting stick can send a signal to your computer or video game console. The system receives this signal and adds the sticks protocols as a peripheral device. You can use the accessory from anywhere in the room after that.
What are some features of these accessories?

The specific features you get with your fight stick will depend on the model you choose. Many of these accessories share some basic functions with each other. Some common features youll find on the arcade fight sticks you see on eBay are:

  • Joysticks - All flight or fight sticks use a knob or bar to let you control your character or select options for a game.
  • Buttons - The buttons on these sticks replace keyboard keys or console controller buttons and bumpers you would find on a normal setup.
  • Control panel - Many sticks feature buttons on the device itself. However, some models have an additional panel that separates some of the buttons or levers.
Which models support these accessories?

Fight sticks are versatile accessories that you can add to several types of gaming systems. Some common systems that can accept these sticks are:

  • Computers - Many laptops and PCs can recognize a fight stick via a USB cable interface or wireless technology.
  • Nintendo consoles - The Nintendo Switch, Switch Pro, and original NES consoles can use some arcade sticks.
  • Sony - The PS2, PS3, and PS4 consoles can use custom fight sticks.
  • Microsoft - You can add a stick to your Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox One Elite.