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Vans Shoes for Men

VANS Shoes for Men    

What shoe types does VANS offer men? 

Sneakers - When it comes to sneakers, VANS fit the bill. From classic low tops to stylish high-tops, there are many mens options to choose from. High-top versions offer padding around the ankles for added comfort, and the low profile style of the Old Skool sneaker is timeless.  

Slip-ons - Easy to put on and slide off, slip-ons dont need laces. With elastic sides that let you simply slip into them and sturdy rubber soles, these sneakers have the same benefits for men as classic VANS and come in an array of designs and colors. The famous checkerboard print is the most iconic design. 

Sandals - For summer, the brand offers mens slides and flip flops, including cushioned designs that keep your feet cool and comfortable when the weather warms up. Pick either plain or patterned versions.  

Boots - VANS boots come in different styles, including the Standard design as well as the Desert Chukka. Both styles feature genuine leather and a durable sole for sturdiness. Stylish and high-performance, mens boots feature an inner sockliner for even more comfort.    

What materials are VANS made from? 

Leather - VANS crafts sneakers and boots from premium leather, which creates a sleek and stylish shoe. Choose mens leather shoes in many of the VANS signature styles, including the SK8-Hi, Old Skool, and slip-on. 

Canvas - Always in style, canvas VANS are the originals. Easy to care for and comfortable, the first fabric VANS used is still considered the best.  

Suede - Soft and fuzzy, suede gives even the most casual sneakers a style upgrade. Suede sneakers come in all styles for men, including low and high-tops as well as slip-ons.   

What features do VANS offer? 

Weather resistance -  A newer feature of some VANS shoes is weather resistance. Weatherized VANS repel water, making them a good choice for cold, icy, and wet days.  

Lining - Skip the boots and slip on sneakers or high-tops with a soft and cozy lining for chilly days. VANS provides its iconic mens shoe designs with built-in lining as well as an extra layer that retains heat for added warmth. Combined with traction so you dont slip on wet or snowy streets, lined VANS work well for inclement days.   

What are some popular designs and colors of VANS shoes for men? 

Pattern - One of the hallmarks of VANS shoes is the brands cool and funky patterns. Some of these include herringbone, animal print, striped, florals, and checkers.  

Solid - Select a solid that complements your clothing, whether its a neutral like black or white, or a brighter shade like red, blue, yellow, purple, green, and orange.  

Graphic design - Whether its a collaboration like Peanuts x VANS, or a design such as flames, skulls, or dogs, VANS offers men some limited edition and some everyday designs that make a statement.