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VIZIO 20-29 Inch TVs

Understanding the Features of VIZIO 20-inch to 29-inch Televisions

VIZIO is a Southern California company that specializes in the design and manufacture of flat-screen TV technology. Although the company has produced some plasma sets, many of its televisions feature LED and LCD technology, which has made it possible for VIZIO to concentrate on developing quality HDTV products are in a class by themselves.

Which resolution do VIZIO TV sets support?

A higher number is usually the better option. Available technology supports 720p and 1080p screen presentations. More pixels provide a better color display and crisper images. The majority of newer LED and LCD TV sets feature the 1080p option. It is usually also a good choice for home theater use.

How do smart TV features support home theater integration?

When you add a VIZIO television to your home theater setup, you look for connectivity with peripherals. Ideally, this setup should be intuitive. Several smart TV features make the cut, including:

  • Downloadable apps: By circumventing the need for peripherals to download apps similar to the ones that you can use on a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet, you eliminate the need for cluttering your space with gadgetry.
  • Internet streaming interface: When you watch television shows online, such as through free or subscription-based streaming services, a high-quality streaming capability lets you enjoy your programming without buffering.
  • Internet browsing: This capability allows you to use your television in the same manner as a computer display. You no longer have to combine your television screen, mobile phone, and computer when surfing.
What do Ethernet port connections on a VIZIO TV do?

Ethernet ports allow you to hook up your smart television to your Internet router. When you plan to play online games on the television, it makes it so you don’t dilute the picture quality through an intermediary gadget. Because most sets with Ethernet ports also offer high-definition picture quality, this connection is nice to have for gamers seeking sharper images.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth connectivity on a VIZIO?

Bluetooth is the technology that allows you to use your cellphone or other mobile device to control your TV. Similar to smart devices, Bluetooth-enabled devices can pair with each other and be controlled by a single unit. In addition to featuring HDTV quality, a Bluetooth connection lets you turn your mobile phone or other into a remote control. In this way, you can also use the phone as a wireless keyboard for typing in commands.

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