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Universal Laptop Power Adapters

Universal laptop power adapters can be an excellent way to ensure that you have the power supply you need in order to operate your PC without worrying about the type of current being used as a source. The AC adapter can convert standard alternating current to the direct current that your PC needs to both charge the battery and function properly. Most common chargers and power cords come with an AC to DC adapter built into the cord itself.

What is a universal laptop power adapter or charger?

The original power supply cord that came with your notebook or portable electronics more than likely included a box that was connected to the cord in between your laptop and the wall outlet. This box is the power adapter. It's also known as a power converter. Laptops run on direct current, or DC. The power supply coming from a typical wall socket is alternating current or AC power. Since laptops can't operate or charge on the alternating current, an AC converter is needed in order to convert the AC power into the usable DC power supply needed to operate your computer.

A universal laptop power adapter is one that can be used by a variety of different laptop models as well as with various electrical currents. Many AC adapters even come with assorted wall outlet adapters to make them usable in other countries. These plug adapters convert the plug from your laptop into the configuration used by the country you're visiting. This can be an excellent way to help ensure that you're able to use your portable PC in all situations, even when traveling.

How does a universal power adapter work?

A universal power adapter works by being able to adjust to varying technical requirements. The adapter comes with several differently sized tips, making it possible to connect to a wide variety of power sockets. Besides just size differences, different devices use different voltages, and the adapter has to correct for these as well. It does this using a special resistor in the interchangeable tips, which detects the power requirements and adjusts its resistance accordingly to control the voltage output of the charger. Regardless of the required voltage, the main purpose of a power adapter is to convert the AC current provided by the power supply into a DC voltage that can be used by the laptop or notebook.

Is a plug adaptor the same as an AC adapter?

While they sound similar, these two things are not the same. A plug adapter is used for converting the end of the power cord into the correct connection for when you are in a foreign country where the connections are not the same. An AC adapter is used for changing the alternating current provided by the power supply into a different form of current: direct current, which is the type that most electronics use, including notebooks and laptops. Sometimes, AC adapters come with adjustable power cords that can be changed to be compatible with various countries' electrical systems.