Keep Your Toshiba Computers Fully Charged With Universal Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers

Toshiba produces a broad range of laptops that require the use of a charger when not using battery power. These power cords are useful when paired with a universal adapter. Universal power adapters may allow your Toshiba computers to charge on Toshiba plugs and laptop chargers that may not have been designed for it.

What level of output is available for these universal adapters?

When buying a universal adapter for your laptop, it is essential to know the voltage of your Toshiba computer. Typically, there are multiple types of Toshiba charger levels available. The lowest level is 12V. This type of Toshiba charger is generally common on lower-end laptops produced by this company, including many of its DVD player units.

However, their power adapter range goes from 15V all the way up to 24V. The power level will vary depending on the adapter and the battery of the Toshiba computer. A higher-volume battery will need a higher-input for its power. In this way, the battery can stay charged for longer, and your laptop will run smoothly.

What power types are available for these Toshiba laptop plugs?

These laptop chargers run on a variety of different power sources. When choosing one for your computer, it is essential to know how they differ and which charger is right for you. The most common types include:

  • AC Adapters This charger is standard for Toshiba laptop models and requires the use of AC power to run your Toshiba laptop.
  • DC and AC Adapters A laptop charger like this can provide both DC and AC energy for your computer. It is different from an AC adapter because it does not have to convert DC to AC to run.
  • In-Car Chargers If you are on the go a lot and need your computer with you, this type of charger will plug into your car's cigarette lighter and provide it with power.
Are multiple heads available for these units?

One of the most helpful things about this product is that it comes with multiple power cord heads that can slip on the end of your cord tip. These heads allow you to plug the cord into numerous computer models without having to find a power cord that works for a specific model.

For example, some computers will have a head that is about a sixteenth of an inch in diameter. However, others may have a head that is closer to an eighth of an inch. Instead of having to buy a new cord to match your computer, you can slip one of the heads on the tip and insert it to get power.

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