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Unicorn Dart Boards

Unicorn Dart Boards

These dartboards come in a variety of types and wire styles for both professional dart players and amateurs. Among the many products the company offers is the Eclipse HD2 Pro Edition, which has been used in many professional tournaments and is the official dartboard of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). These products, in combination with a set of darts, allow individuals and groups of people the ability to play a wide range of dart games.

What types of dartboards are available?

The following dartboard types are available:

  • Bristle: This is the most common type, and is made from compressed sisal fibers glued to a backing that has edges held by a metal banding. After a dart is removed, the material automatically fills in the hole, therefore improving the products longevity.
  • Paper: This is an form of dartboard that is meant to be disposable.
  • Soft Tip: This is a type of dartboard that uses soft tip darts and automatically scores a game. Some have electronic components to depict the score.
What types of wire are available?

The following types of wire are available:

  • Eclipse: A type of number wiring that reduces the possibility of a dart hitting a number and bouncing off it and onto the floor.
  • Round: An older type of number wiring that is available on budget dartboards.
What types of darts should be used with these dartboards?

The type of dart used with these dartboards is dependent on the type of dartboard used. Steel darts should be used with either bristle or paper dartboards, while soft tip darts should be used only with soft tip dartboards. Either type of dart can be used with a wide variety of shafts and flights.

What features does the Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Pro Edition have?

The Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Pro Edition comes with a ring that is made of metal, which has digital-styled numbers. It also comes with a UniLock wall system. This lets you attach and lock the board onto a wall that has an uneven finish. The Pro Edition is the official board of all PDC television tournaments and will be until at least 2022.

What other products are compatible with these boards?

These dartboards are compatible with a wide range of other products, including darts (both steel and soft tip, and their associated flights and shafts), surrounds and clamps, lighting systems, as well as both stands and home dart centers.

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