Connect to the Web With USRobotics Dial-Up Modems

USRobotics dial-up modems provide your phone, home, and office with internet at a reasonable speed. These modem systems often hook up to a computer using a USB port or another type of networking line. The speed of these dial-up products from USRobotics or Robotics make them adaptable for a variety of uses, whether you're playing games, putting together a work spreadsheet, or shopping online.

What maximum downstream data rates can be used?

Downstream data rates indicate how much data you can use at a specific time on your internet connection. A USRobotics product of this type allows you a variety of different standards. The slowest is 33.6K and the quickest is 56K. The rates of both the 33.6K and the 56K modems indicate how many kilobytes per second they are capable of broadcasting across a dial-up line.

When choosing one of these internet dial-up modems, it is wise to select a 56K model. That's because they hook up to your computer and create a Robotics connection that is faster than a 33.6K internet modem. Beyond that, USRobotics also produces more 56K models than they do 33.6K. As a result, it is usually easier to find a 56K USRobotics internet modem.

What connection types are available?

The various types of Robotics modems on the market create a dial-up connection using a variety of connection types. For example, an Ethernet or RJ-45 model produces a quick speed that makes your phone and your internet faster. However, there are also serial or RS-232 models available from Robotics.

The fastest type is probably the USB 1.0 or USB 1.1 models. These types connect your dial-up using a wider USB cord. This type broadcasts data at breakneck speeds and helps to improve the efficiency and speed of the connection.

What kind of alternate uses are available for these modems?

There are a variety of ways that you can use these items in your home or your office. They are particularly useful for larger offices that may need separate networks. Just a few of these uses include:

  • Fax demands: If you own a fax machine that you use to fax information, then these dial-up items can be used to improve your fax capabilities.
  • Printing needs: Some of these products can be used to connect all of your office printers to all of your computers and create a coherent and straightforward printing system.
  • Messaging systems: A simple office-wide communication system can be implemented using these dial-up modems.
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