Transmisiones y transmision para Dodge Daytona

Car and Truck Transmissions and Drivetrains for Dodge Daytona

The Dodge Daytona, which was named after Daytona Beach and includes the popular Shelby edition, is a compact hatchback that was in production from year 1984 to 1993 and was named after the Daytona 500 race. The drivetrain connects the gears to the drive axles and is comprised of several parts to include the driveshaft, differential, lubricant, and various joints. These custom parts are suitable for the driver or dealer who likes to customize or manage every aspect of their vehicle, from the transmission to the brake.

What does a speed sensor do?

The speed sensor, also known as the vehicle speed sensor or VSS, measures the wheel rotations and conveys that information to the Daytonas computer for proper gear shifting. Because the Dodge Daytona is a front-wheel drive, its speed sensor is located on top of the differential near the drive axle. A speed sensor may need to be replaced in the case of harsh or otherwise faulty shifting or the appearance of the check engine light.

How do you tell if a solenoid needs replacement?

The solenoid controls the flow of fluid in and around circuits and passages in the transmission. This fluid flow is what allows the gears to shift properly. If the solenoid needs to be replaced, the gears will not shift at all. It is also possible that, upon detecting the malfunction, the cars computer will cause something caused "limp-in" mode where the vehicle remains in second gear, which allows enough travel to a service station or garage to fix the problem.

When should the axle assembly require replacement?

It is highly recommended that the entire axle assembly is replaced regardless if it appears that only the boot is bad. Axle shafts, also known as "half-shafts" or "CV shafts," connect the wheel on the vehicle to the gears in the drivetrain. They are comprised of the shaft itself, CV joints, grease, and the boot, which is a containment for the grease and joints.

In many cases, the first thing to occur is a leaking boot. Grease may be found on or around the wheels in this case. However, once grease begins to leak, it opens the door for contaminants into the CV joint itself, which may compromise the integrity of the joint and the axle. If the CV joint isnt properly lubricated, it cant move freely, which may exert undue force on the axle. The wheel with the affected axle will be unable to move, which will also affect steering.

Which parts fit the Chrysler or Dodge models?

Typically, different parts, especially those pertaining to the drivetrain, fit many different Chrysler and Dodge models. Because the Dodge Daytona was based on the Chrysler G platform and later the Chrysler K platform, the parts are made to fit universally. Within Chrysler, it is very likely that parts from the drivetrain of one model may also be used for another.

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