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Toshiba DVD and Blu-ray Players

Capture Your Favorites With a Toshiba DVD Recorder

Toshiba DVD recorders are designed to record content onto DVDs and can also function as a DVD player. These devices allow you to record your favorite content from TV or other sources. They are easy to install and most can be hooked up to your current TV.

What is a DVD recorder and how do you use it?

A recorder for DVDs is an electronic device that uses a laser to burn content onto a blank disc. These devices were created to take the place of VCRs as those devices became obsolete and the DVD became more widely used. A DVD recorder can be connected to your compatible video sources to record the desired content. Most of these devices can also be used to playback content on a DVD or CD.

What are some benefits of using this type of recorder?

Using a recorder for DVDs gives you the option to record TV shows, movies, and other content to a blank disc. This allows you to keep your favorite content to watch later as often as you wish. You can also record personal videos from your cell phone or another device with compatible connections.

How do you connect a Toshiba device to a TV?

Most DVD recorders will come with the cables needed to connect the device to your TV. There are several options for connection which will vary based on the DVD recorder and the TV youre connecting to. The following are some of the optional connections that may be included with your recorder:

  • HDMI out
  • Front or rear S-Video input and output
  • Rear analog audio input and output
  • Coaxial digital audio output
  • Front audio
What are some features that are found on Toshiba recorders?

These DVD recorders have many features that make them functional. These features will vary based on the model of DVD recorder you have. Some features that can be found on many Toshiba recorders are:

  • Auto finalize: automatically finalizes your disc recording for playback on most DVD players
  • Front DV input: allows you to connect a mini DV cable for recording video from compatible devices
  • One-touch recording: allows you to record shows or movies from cable or satellite with the touch of a button
  • Multiformat recording: compatible with DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW
  • Multiple options for playback: can be used to play CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, and JPEG
Can the Toshiba DVD recorder complete upconversion to HDMI?

Some recorders from Toshiba are designed to upconvert a DVD video to high definition. This recording process takes videos with a lower resolution and converts them to full 1080p resolution.

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