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Some Available Options for Toshiba 40-inch to 49-inch TVs

Toshiba introduced its 3D TV technology in 2012. This product enabled viewers to enjoy 3D television without assistive devices such as glasses. Since then, the company has moved on to produce more products like its line of smart TV sets, all of which have models in the 40- to 49-inch range.

What is the maximum resolution for Toshiba brand television sets?

A typical TV features 1080 pixels. Industry insiders consider this full HD. These are sometimes referred to as 2K sets. However, Toshiba also makes 4K smart TV sets. They come with a resolution of 2160 pixels. This setup puts them in the range of what is known as ultra HD (UHD) technology.

What types of display technology can you choose from?

Picture quality is an important factor when selecting your next smart TV. Right on par with a large screen size, you want to experience vibrant, realistic displays of colors:

  • LCD screens: An industry standard for many televisions.
  • LED LCD technology. Combining LCDs with LEDs is nice to have when looking at medium-to-large TVs like those that have at least 40-inch TV displays.
  • Plasma: These are thicker and heavier than LCD and LED TVs. Plasma screens offer high-quality images.
What are some typical smart TV features?

Toshiba 40-49-inch TVs offer downloadable apps through Internet connectivity. TVs in the 40-to-49-inch-range offer an ideal screen size for viewing products from a variety of programming service providers. Home network streaming capabilities let you use the TV with a router to connect tablets, phones, and other media players.

Which additional features do many consumers seek?

Many Toshiba TV products come with Wi-Fi capabilities. They also feature headphone jacks and HDTV readiness. Antenna input is a possibility that appeals to customers without satellite or cable access. V-chip technology is an option in many Toshiba smart models. Moreover, they typically come with one USB input and three HDMI inputs for home theater use.

Does it make sense to have DTS TruSurround?

When you buy a Toshiba smart TV that you plan to integrate into a home theater system, this option makes sense. It creates a virtual surround sound experience that makes movies and documentaries come to life. In this way, the 40-to-49-inch TV sets can easily become the centerpiece of your setup. Consider wall-mounting the device for this function.

Installing your new Toshiba smart television set to the wall is one way, but many also come with small stands that let you put them up on a dedicated piece of furniture like an entertainment center. Because it is possible for someone to tip over these thin TV sets, the wall mount does offer additional protection against breakage.