Toshiba 32GB USB Flash Drive


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Store Files and Data on a 32GB Toshiba Flash Drive

Unplug and take the portable 32GB Toshiba Flash Drive to any desired location. Plug the hardware into a USB drive on the compatible device you wish to transfer files to and from. The flash drive, such as one with 32GB of storage space, can also be used to keep backup copies of different types of files.

Does the flash drive require any special software?

A USB flash drive works in a manner no different from a SanDisk card. All that is necessary is to have the flash drive connected to the appropriate port. In this case, the device would be plugged into a USB drive. As soon as the computer, laptop, or other device reads the presence of the flash drive, the contents can be accessed. The flash drive works with both Windows and Mac operating systems maximizing its usage capabilities.

What is the difference between Toshiba USB flash drives and SanDisk cards?

Both the serve the same purpose of providing a miniature external storage device with a set capacity measured in gigabytes. The construct and design of a USB flash drive compared to a memory card are much different:

  • Card design: A SanDisk card utilizes an ultrathin square design as opposed to rectangular one of a flash drive.
  • Different ports: The flash drive fits right into a USB port while the SanDisk card goes directly into card reader port. USB ports may be more common on computers than card reader ones.
  • Chip adapter: A USB flash drive comes with a fixed internal memory and storage capacity. SanDisk offers a card adapter that can fit different chips with different storage amounts.
How much spaces does a Toshiba USB flash drive offer?

No matter how much storage exists on the hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) of a Windows- or Mac-based computer, there may be a need for more. A removable USB drive allows access to additional space. Toshiba offers units with the following storage amounts:

  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • 32GB
  • 64GB
  • 128GB
What is meant by transfer speed?

Transfer speed refers to how fast it takes for a gigabyte of data to go from a source to destination. The originating source could be HDD of a laptop and the destination could be a flash drive via the USB port. With the Toshiba 3.0 Flash, a high-speed data transfer of 70MB per second is possible. Note that the 3.0 flash still works fine in a 2.0 USB port.

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