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Ten-Tec Ham and Amateur Radio Transceivers

Tap into the global ham radio network with the assistance of Ten-Tec radio transceivers. The Ten-Tec company produces a wide variety of radio equipment and accessories that allow you to deviate from using mainstream communications networks. Whether you need local, regional, national, or wider coverage, these HF communication devices can serve as your portal into the world of amateur radio.

What range of radio equipment does Ten-Tec produce?

The Ten-Tec company produces a wide range of radio equipment types. These include everything from amplifiers and filters to necessities like a power supply or tuner.

  • Lines and cables: Ham rigs and related accessories process powerful and sensitive radio signals and thus require coaxial cables, wires, and connectors to do their jobs.
  • Microphones and headsets: You need headphones and microphones to encode and decode your audio transmissions.
  • Rigs: These can range in size from handheld models that weigh mere ounces to full-blown ground-based radio stations.
  • Computer equipment: If you want access to many functions, a radio control computer may be necessary.
Which transmitting and receiving frequency ranges are available?

Ten-Tec ham rigs, such as the Eagle, are capable of broadcasting and receiving radio signals across a broad range of frequencies and transmission ranges, including:

  • Very low frequency, 3kHz - 30kHz
  • Low frequency, 30kHz - 300kHz
  • Medium frequency, 300kHz - 3MHz
  • High frequency, 3MHz - 30MHz
  • Very high frequency, 30MHz - 300MHz
Do Ten-Tec transceivers have dual-tone multi-frequency capability?

Among other capabilities, Ten-Tec devices, including the Orion, do have the ability to communicate with other radio rigs through the dual-tone multi-frequency signaling protocol. Having the ability to access this band allows you to:

  • Connect with mainstream land and cellular phone networks: If you make use of a dual-tone multi-frequency device called auto-patch, you can connect with regular telephone networks.
  • Sky Command feature: This function lets you convert your handheld ham rig into a crossband base repeater.
  • Filter your messages: By invoking the decode function, you can set your unit to respond only to messages that broadcast a special code.
What kinds of antennas will you need?

These rigs vary in their uses, with some models suited for low-energy usage, some for higher outputs, and some with mid-range capabilities. The type of antenna you need depends on the prospective use of your ham radio. Some common varieties include:

  • Mag-mount antennas: These aerial types use a strong magnet to attach themselves to metal objects, which can include vehicle surfaces. You can combine your mag-mount base with hamstick aerials if your mobility is important.
  • Screwdriver aerials: You can mount these permanently or temporarily, and they can receive or transmit across a wide range of frequencies.
  • Vertical aerials - Due to their height, these antennas require sturdy, ground-based foundations.
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