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Choosing a Vintage Integrated Amplifier

One question that may linger in your mind when buying an audio system is whether to get an off-the-shelf unit or build a custom one. The latter is a great idea if you have a clear-cut outlook on what you want to get from the sound system. A vintage receiver can help you set up a great sound system at a decent cost. It is hard to pull the Technics brand from a conversation revolving around quality audio systems. Some examples of Technics audio devices include hi-fi systems, speakers, home theaters, turntables, power amplifiers, and many others.

What is an integrated amplifier?

Amplifier systems usually have two components; the preamp and the power amplifier.

  • Power amplifier - It creates the electrical energy needed to power up the speakers to the desired sound levels.
  • Pre-amps - They have a tuner for balancing the sounds received from the acoustical sources. The units have dials to control the volume, tone balancing, and music source.

An integrated amplifier combines the two devices into one unit. Technics offers a variety of these amps such as the SU-8088, SU-A600, SU-V98, SU-8044, SU-V2, and SU-V5. The choice of Technics amps will depend on your needs and budget.

Why should I get an integrated amplifier?

Rather than struggle to figure out what to look for in two devices or how to pair them, you can choose one unit that solves all your problems. Housing the devices in one chassis helps to bring down the cost and save on space.

How do I choose the right amplifier?

  • Power - While you might consider going for a high-output device, it will not make a huge difference if you do not consider your speaker system. So as you look at the watts, make sure that you keep in mind the speaker resistance. Resistance regulates the amount of power the amp sends to your speakers. When the amplifier detects low resistance, it responds by sending out more power. A mismatch can burn out the unit.
  • Inputs - What sources do you plan to connect with the device? The answer can range from computers, DVD players, turntables, and even the internet. USB ports allow you to plug in the computer, flash drive, or smartphone. An ethernet port connects it to a computer network or internet service. RCA connections can go into different kinds of audio and video players. An HDMI slot is another worthwhile consideration if you have HDTV and other compatible devices. The wireless inputs include built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Outputs - A great way to think about the output is to consider the channels serviced by the receiver. Integrated amps can fall into three main channel classes; mono, stereo, and multi-channel systems. A mono channel has one pair of output connections serving one speaker, usually a subwoofer. Stereo systems, like the Technics SU-7300, usually have a left and right connection for a pair of speakers. Multi-channel systems power a subwoofer and a set of speakers, which can start from two all the way up to eight depending on the specifications.

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