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Toyota Tundra Tailgates: Dump Runs, Football Season, and More

You?re gearing up for football season and you?ve got the family, the friends, and the food down. Now it?s time to think about the tailgate on your Toyota Tundra. Handles, hinges, and tailgates themselves are available for you on eBay to make sure that your truck is in top shape.

What colors do Toyota replacement tailgates on eBay come in?

Tundra replacement tailgates are available in a variety of different hues, including:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White

These parts are typically selected to match the rest of the truck?s body color. However, some owners elect to buy contrasting color parts. Handles are typically crafted from different types of plastic, while latches are metallic and the tailgate itself is painted metal.

How do you clean a Tundra tailgate?

Whether you?re getting ready to remove an old model or you?ve installed a new one, your Tundra can be cleaned with a mixture of warm water and soap. Dip a clean, soft cloth or sponge in the mixture, preferably prepared in a large vessel like a bucket. Using circular motions, apply some pressure to allow the sponge to remove any grime or dirt hardened onto the surface. If rust forms on latches or hinges, feel free to use an anti-oxidation formula to lessen the chances of damage to metallic components.

What components of Tundra tailgates are available from eBay?

Tundra tailgates include the door itself, handles, latches, and details like cap moldings. The main component is the painted piece that folds down behind the vehicle. The handle allows the part to unhitch and lower, while the hinges allow this to happen smoothly. Latches keep the part closed when you?re not using it for loading or tailgating. Cap moldings help to keep people safe from sharp, metallic edges. Stay cables are also sometimes installed to link the part to the sides of the truck. These ensure that when people sit on or apply pressure to the back of the vehicle, they are supported. Different thicknesses of stay cables support varying amounts of weight on the back of the truck.

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