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Dodge Caravan Tail Lights

Tail lights are an important component to your Dodge Caravan they allow others to see you easily in the dark and when you are braking, and they enable you to see better in dark conditions as well. Lighting can also add a distinctive look and aesthetically appealing aspect to your vehicle. Whether you are replacing a broken tail light or upgrading your current ones, there are many things to consider, such as the size, coloring, and bulb type, and the many options ensure that you will be able to find the right setup to suit your preferences.

How do you replace the tail light assembly on Caravans?

Removing an old assembly and installing a new item in your Dodge Caravan or Dodge Grand Caravan is fairly simple and requires few tools, making this an easy task to complete at home. Note that the specific steps may vary based on the model of your car and specific replacement.

  • Open the Dodge tailgate and locate two black discs on the inner part of the light where the tailgate rests.
  • Pry these off with a pry tool or a flat head screw driver, holding the housing to ensure that it doesnt fall when these discs come loose.
  • Slide the assembly out of its compartment and unhook the wiring harness that connects it to the system.
  • Remove the current bulbs by squeezing the end of the bulb holder and carefully pull outward so that the bulb is released from the housing.
  • Press the bulbs into the housing of the new light assembly until they click in if using the old bulbs.
  • Hook up the wiring harness to the new assembly and place the assembly back into the nook on the cars body.
  • Hold the new assembly in place and replace the small black discs, ensuring that they are secure. Then, test the lights to ensure that the reverse, power, and brake lights all work correctly.
What are the parts of a tail light?

The following components are the parts that make up the entire assembly of most tail lights. These parts may be purchased as a set, but they also come individually if you are in need of single parts for your Dodge.

  • Housing: The housing is the back of the assembly that fits into the body of the vehicle. The housing often has a reflective inner material to amplify the lights.
  • Bulbs: There are often three light bulbs that serve as a turn signal, reverse light, and main light.
  • Cover: The cover protects the bulbs and inner housing and often has multi-colored parts to create yellow, red, and clear or white lighting for various signaling purposes.
What are the benefits of LED tail lights?

LED products are an excellent option for your Dodge Caravan or Dodge Grand Caravan. LEDs are bright and long-lasting, sometimes lasting for over 10 years. They are durable because they dont use a filament as other varieties may, and they are energy efficient, using less of your cars battery.