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How to Shop for Sylvania TV/DVD Combos

If you've been searching for both a new TV and DVD player but want something efficient and convenient, a TV and DVD combo is a great idea. Typically with a smaller screen size, these units fit nicely in a bedroom, family room or game room. They are also an optimal choice for public places and businesses such as doctor or dental offices.

What Are the Benefits of TV and DVD Combos?

There are a few benefits when it comes to opting for a TV and DVD combo. Just like the VCR combos that predated them, it's simply convenient to have two electronics in one. Other benefits include:

  • Space saving: If you're working with a room where you're short on space, specifically wall and console space, having your TV and DVD player together keeps everything compact and tidy.
  • Easy to move: Perhaps your TV combo is in the bedroom but you'd like to play a movie for the kids in the playroom. As opposed to unplugging wires and carrying two units from room to room, you simply unplug the combo TV with no hassle and move it to the other room.
  • Great for businesses: Perhaps you have a DVD you'd like to use in a presentation at the office but the hassle of trying to get everything set up during the meeting is daunting. Just as portable as in the home, simply pop a DVD into the combo player.

What Screen Size Is for Me?

With the advent of large flatscreen TVs, smaller television models became less popular for a while. However, because of their portable size and quality HD graphics even on a small screen, smaller televisions are making a bit of a comeback.

  • 32" to 37" is the largest size for a TV combination and this is a fairly large size. This could easily function as your main TV in the living room or family room.
  • 19" to 32" is a terrific size for offices or businesses, or for a bedroom or den.
  • 10" to 19" are on the small side but are wonderful choices as under-cabinet TVs to use while cooking or for smaller spaces.

What Are Some Specific Sylvania Features?

When it comes to televisions, there are some features specific to the brand and combo models. Some of these include:

  • MTS/SAP speakers for quality sound
  • Television controls such as contrast, brightness, and more
  • Clear Pix technology
  • Easy to use remote control
  • HDMI and PC outputs
  • ATSC/NTSC tuner
  • Zoom options
  • Clear LCD display with true HD

When it comes to the smaller models, you'll want to look for features like included mounts or stands, USB ports and FM radio accessibility, and Bluetooth connectivity.