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Sportcraft Dart Boards

Sportcraft Dartboards

Sportcraft offers vintage and electronic dartboards. These boards can be used at home, in a pub, or in a college dorm room. There are a variety of games that can be played by all ages, and the darts themselves can be made from plastic or rubber to reduce the odds of injury or property damage.

What kinds of darts do you need for a dartboard?

The type you need is dependent on what type of board you purchase. Electronic dartboards use plastic-tipped ones to avoid damaging the software of the board. They can also be used on a traditional board. The type of dart a person will use may depend on their preference of tip, flight path, and materials. Materials that darts are made from include brass, silver, nickel, and tungsten.

How do you hang a dartboard?

A traditional dartboard measurement is 17.75 inches in diameter. It is recommended that you have an additional 5 feet on either side and 11 feet of space in front of the board in case darts bounce off of the dartboard. After being hung, a dartboard should be 68 inches from the floor to the bullseye. Also, be sure to hang your electronic dartboard on a protective board or in a cabinet to avoid damaging your walls during play.

What is included with an electronic dartboard from Sportcraft?

The electronic dartboards made by Sportcraft come preprogrammed with both games and an electronic score card. It will keep score for up to eight players. It comes with two sets of soft tip Sportcraft darts.

One example is the Sportcraft electronic dartboard and cabinet set thats designed to hang on the wall. It holds your darts and also helps to protect your wall. It comes with six darts and more than 32 games, and it requires three AA batteries. There is a multiplayer feature, and you can also play against the computer.

What games are preset on an electronic dartboard?

Games included on an electronic dartboard depend on what board you purchase. An electronic dartboard from Sportcraft includes more than 25 different games and over 140 different variations to play. It has sound effects that notate high scores, when players change, and other key moments in the game.

What is the recommended throwing line distance from your board?

The line when throwing steel tip darts should be set at a distance of 93.25 inches from the dartboard. However, the lines distance should be 96 inches away from the dart board if youre using soft tip darts. The lines distance can be marked on the floor using a piece of tape or similar materials.

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