Race for the Finish Line With Sony PlayStation 4 Racing Video Games

The Sony PlayStation 4 video game console is known for its vast library of games in a multitude of different genres. This PlayStation console features racing games with versions of several well-known franchises available to play. Combine these games with a racing wheel and players can emulate the real-world experience of racing behind the wheel with fellow competitors, using cars modeled after the real thing and traveling over courses based on the real tracks.

Are racing games available in virtual reality?

Several racing video games are virtual reality compatible, either designed specifically for the technology or programmed to be compatible with it nonetheless. A few notable titles with virtual reality capabilities include:

  • Project Cars 2: This game features 182 cars from 38 different manufacturers. Players race in a variety of game modes on 46 unique tracks online or against computer simulation.
  • Driveclub VR: One of first titles to launch with PlayStation VR, it offers three modes (tour, single player, and multiplayer) in first-person view designed specifically for virtual reality. The tracks are recreated in detail to emulate real-world locations.
  • DiRT Rally VR: This game is designed to emulate off-road dirt track racing. It features both multiplayer and co-driver capabilities, letting another person help the driver navigate.
What are some PlayStation 4 racing video games?

The PS4 has a vast library of different racing games from which players can choose. These include:

  • The Crew: Players drive and upgrade cars through an open-world environment, playing through the story of Alex, an ex-con who infiltrates criminal gangs using his driving skills to help the FBI.
  • Assetto Corsa: Originally developed for PC, this game uses a unique physics engine to replicate the feel of real car racing. It uses laser-scanned versions of real racetracks for authenticity.
  • Gran Turismo Sport: Players choose between Sport Mode and Arcade Mode as they race their favorite cars from a selection of 177 cars with 27 configurations, including Porsche. The game includes 19 different tracks.
Does the PS4 have special accessories available for racing games?

There are a number of different accessories available to increase the immersion offered by racing video games. Virtual reality headsets help players gain a more realistic look into the game as they play it, dropping them into the driver's seat of a car during each race. Steering wheel controllers and gas and brake pedal controls are also available, letting players control their character as if they were really driving a car.

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