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Starter Guide to 19.5V Power Adapters and Chargers for Sony Laptops

Sony is a Japanese consumer electronics corporation that makes many different types of electronic devices. This company makes a line of laptops, and these computers use power adapters. If you're in need of a replacement power adapter for your computer, find a compatible device within this collection.

What is a Sony laptop power adapter?

These devices are used to power laptop computers. These types of computers use internal batteries, and the batteries use DC power. Standard power outlets, however, use AC power, and this power must be converted if it is to be used by these types of computers. Power adapters do this by transforming the electricity created by wall outlets and feeding this power to the battery of a laptop.

What are the components of a laptop power adapter?

These devices consist of a few different components. The constituent parts of these devices include:

  • Wall plug: This component connects to a standard AC power outlet. It contains two metal prongs, and these prongs are connected to insulated wires. This part can be disconnected from the laptop charger if necessary.
  • Power transformer: This part looks like a small box. It transforms the current derived from the AC power outlet into current that can be used by the computer battery. This component heats up when used.
  • DC cord: This component is attached to the power transformer. It ends in a round DC plug. This DC plug is inserted into the computer to provide converted DC power.
How long does it take to charge a laptop battery?

The time that it takes to charge a laptop battery depends on the voltage and the amperage of the charger. Voltage refers to the rate at which power is fed to an electrical device, and amperage refers to the intensity of a given current. To definitively find out how long it will take to charge this type of battery, you will also need to know the amp hour capacity of the battery.

However, these batteries generally take about one hour to charge. This charge time is increased if you use the computer while it is charging.

How do you use a laptop charger?

Once you've received a laptop charger that is designed to work with your computer, you can follow these steps to test your new charger:

  • Step 1: Plug your charger into a wall outlet. Some chargers contain LED lights that turn on when they are connected to power.
  • Step 2: Insert the other end of the charger into your laptop. Make sure that the AC cord is firmly connected to the power transformer.
  • Step 3: Boot up the computer, and check the battery icon. If this icon indicates that your computer is charging, then your charger is working.