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Sharp CRT TVs

How Does a CRT TV Work?

Cathode ray tube (CRT) TV employs a different technology from liquid crystal display (LCD) and plasma TVs. CRTs receive their picture through an analogue cable, and that signal decodes via the display controller, which handles the internal components of the monitor. Essentially, CRT TVs work by bombarding a phosphor coating on the inside of the screen with negatively charged particles (electrons) or, originally, cathode rays.

What are the benefits of a Sharp CRT TV?

  • Viewing angle: A CRT television has a wide viewing angle compared to plasma or LCD TVs. Unlike the Flat screen TVs that have shadowy images when you try to watch from the sides, these old screen televisions dont have this problem.
  • Durability: CRTs are a lot more durable than the Flat screen alternatives. With plasma or LCD TVs, even the slightest scratch on the screen might make you want to replace it with a new set.
  • Installation: A tube television is easy to set up and will work well in a variety of locations and ambient light conditions. It is basically a Plug and Play(PnP) electronic device. Flat screens and Smart TVs on the other hand, require a lot of time to initialize, for instance, connect to the internet, install, and update apps as well as complex User Interfaces-just to mention a few.
  • Built-in Tuner: CRT televisions come with a built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner to enable you to access the Off-Air Digital Programming or Unscrambled Cable. Also, there are CRT televisions that have a built-in VCR, so you dont need a separate video cassette player to watch your videos.
  • Sound: CRT TVs have built-in 2-way speakers that provide adequate surround sound. Furthermore, these television sets use BBE sound technology that works by applying a linear phase shift across the full frequency range of the signal, which allows the speaker system to reproduce the transients and harmonics in the correct order. 

What are the technological advancements taking place in the world of CRT televisions?

  • Slim CRT: CRT display tube manufacturer has come up with a super slim CRT design that drastically reduces the average depth of the tube device. In addition, they have also re-designed the tube such that the tube-based set would look like a flat-panel TV from the front. Slim CRTs not only offer picture quality but also offer a slim size design that is closer to the flat-panel televisions.
  • Ultra Slim CRT: This is the latest innovation as far as CRTs go. Ultra Slim CRTs are 40 percent slimmer than the conventional tube TVs. Owing to this innovation, we have Sharp CRT TVs that are Ultra Slim.

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