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Sharp 30-39 Inch TVs

Choosing Sharp 30-inch and 39-inch Televisions by Their Features

Sharp has been manufacturing a broad range of TVs and accessories for some time. However, the company gained international attention when it debuted a 108-inch LCD TV screen. While there may not be a lot of demand for this size, it did show that Sharp is a distinguished name in-home theater components. This company also produces various makes and models of televisions in the 30-inch and 39-inch range of sizes.

What is the Sharp Aquos line of TVs?

When Sharp introduced the Aquos model, it presented fresh design features. The manufacturer added a Quattron color display. It introduces yellow color sub-pixels to the standard red, green, and blue sets. The resulting four-color presentation results in lifelike 3D images. Typically, Aquos models have larger screen sizes.

How does LED technology affect TV viewing?

Sharp LED models are automatically also LCD televisions. If you want to get technical, you would have to call the units LCD TVs with LED backlighting. Since this is a little long, most people refer to the sets as LED televisions. Some features of this technology include:

  • CCFL backlighting: Some Sharp sets feature CCFL technology. Even backlighting creates a uniform brightness across every inch of the screen.
  • Full-array backlighting: A way of introducing LED into the display is with zone technology. They use less power and allow for local dimming, which changes the way you see the picture.
  • Edge lighting: As the name suggests, you find LED components installed along the edges of the unit.
What types of resolution do Sharp units offer?

Your baseline resolution is 720p. You find this technology in various models. Many TV sets now support 1080p. On the box, you might see it labeled as a full HD set. Choose this setting to watch the HDTV programming you receive with your service.

What additional features do various Sharp TV models have?

Consider basing your selection of a TV on its possible uses. A set that you will use almost exclusively for online gaming needs high video and audio capabilities. Other considerations may include:

  • HDMI ports: Select a TV with an HDMI port to connect a cable box, game console, or other video input.
  • OSD languages: On-screen displays can now accommodate a number of languages. Choose the TV that supports your choice. Some language pairings may include Indonesian, Spanish, English, Japanese, and Portuguese.
  • Built-ins: Some Sharp models come with a built-in Roku platform. Typically, they have a slightly higher inch count.
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