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Choosing a New Small Screen TV

With TVs getting bigger and better almost every year, it is still possible to find small screen TVs. A TV that is between 20 and 29 inches from Sharp can come in handy as a secondary TV in your home. 

What Use Does a 20 to 29-inch TV Have?

While you may have a larger TV in your main living area, a smaller TV can come in use in other rooms of your home.

  • In the kid's playroom: It is a great idea to have a small TV for the children to watch their favorite cartoons and movies, rather than wanting to use the living room TV. They can watch what they want, when they want, which frees up the television for you to watch.
  • In your bedroom: If you like to fall asleep watching the latest soaps or even the news channel, you can have a TV in your bedroom that fits comfortably on top of a dresser or other small table. 
  • For gaming: Having a dedicated TV for gaming purposes in the den or study is convenient so you can have the console plugged in at all times and leaves the main TV free for other users. 
  • In the kitchen: You can catch up on the news or latest soaps while preparing meals in the kitchen, as a 20 to 29-inch TV is small enough to fit on the counter top. 

What Models Can I Find?

While you won't find the latest 4K or 8K TVs, or even SmartCast in this screen size as the manufacturer no longer makes 20 to 29-inch TVs, you can find many used models from Sharp including:

  • LC-22LE510K: This 22-inch television is HD ready with LED backlight.
  • LC26DV22U: A 26-inch LCD HD TV with a built-in DVD player is really handy for the kids' room or bedroom. 
  • Aquos LC-26GA5U: This is a 26-inch widescreen flat-planel LCD TV. It has wide-viewing angles, surround stereo sound, selectable color temperature and ultra-fast response time. 

What to Look for When Considering a Used TV?

When choosing a used TV, you should always take note of any damage or problems that the seller states. If they haven't already said, find out if the television comes with cables so you can connect it to stereo or a DVD player. Also check if it comes with a remote as this will make life much easier.