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Important Information for Sansui Speaker Shoppers

Sansui vintage speakers are a fitting finish to a home entertainment system. The brand has created a variety of speakersthat are still in use in home theaters and stereo systems. Some are even valuable collector's items because of their aesthetic design and sound quality.

What Sansui speakermodels are available?

Sansui speaker prices vary across a variety of models and designs, each with its own set of features and benefits. The largest difference between models is usually which speakers are housed in the cabinet. They also vary greatly in size. Here are some of the models of Sansui speakers eBay offers:

  • Sansui S-U970: Boasting 16-inch woofers, these speakers are meticulously designed for volume, ensuring they fill every nook and cranny of your room with rich, resonant sound.
  • Sansui SP-2500: Beyond their appealing design, these speakers deliver a powerful sound that transforms any space into a sonic haven.
  • Sansui SP-81U: Immerse yourself in the audio clarity and volume offered by these tower speakers. Featuring two woofers, a horn, and a crossover, these speakers are engineered to create a perfect balance between volume and sonic precision.
  • Sansui AS-300: This is a rarer model of the speakers Sansui manufactured. This is an acoustic suspension speaker designed to be flown off the ground. This unique model brings a touch of exclusivity to any audio setup.
  • Sansui SP-1200: This is a masterpiece of three-way audio perfection. With a dedicated woofer, midrange speaker, tweeter, and crossover, these speakers deliver a harmonious blend of highs, mids, and deep bass.

Different speaker types to consider

The speakers Sansui made come in a variety of styles to help complete your stereo system or meet a specific need. Some of the larger models are four-way speakers, and there are some with two speakers. You can find the following speaker styles:

  • Bookshelf: The smallest speakers, these are designed to fit anywhere without sticking out in a room.
  • Floor speakers: These function both as furniture and entertainment devices.
  • Subs: Box-shaped speakers designed to transmit the lowest frequencies.

Are vintage Sansui speakers sold in pairs?

Yes. There are Sansui speakers vintage-style being sold as an original pair. Some even come with their original partner from the factory. If you are interested in finding two speakers that left the factory together, look for two with consecutive serial numbers.

Some other pairs may just have extremely close serial numbers and still be an original pair. Sansui home speakers can also be found individually.

What finishes are available?

The Sansui stereo speakers for sale come in a variety of finishes. The models made in the '70s typically come in a wood finish like birch, cherry, or maple. In the '80s, the company switched to a more sleek look, giving its speakers black and silver metal casings to match the stereos on the market then.

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