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Samsung Plasma Televisions

Samsung plasma televisions are manufactured with a high-definition picture quality of 720p or full HD 1080p. This allows consumers to select the Samsung plasma TV that meets their requirements. Some of these TVs also include three-dimensional capabilities that add an extra layer to the image that users see on the screen.

What is a plasma TV set?

A Samsung plasma display is different from traditional LCD and LED TV screens because it consists of cells inside the set that house neon-xenon gas in plasma form. This gas is electrically charged when the device is turned on. Thanks to this technology, a Samsung flat-screen TV has better picture quality, is thinner, and weighs less than traditional models.

Consumers will notice deeper blacks and accurate colors when enjoying their favorite programs. Additionally, plasma TVs incorporate sub-field drive technology. This eliminates lags even during the most intense action scenes.

What screen sizes are available with these sets?

The plasma line of Samsung devices comes in a variety of sizes. The Samsung plasma TV 55-inch model is a popular choice because it is large enough to be the main focus of an entertainment center. However, buyers can get sets from 42 inches to 60 inches to match their preferences and available space. Because of their lightweight design, even the largest models can be mounted on a wall.

What are some features available with these systems?

A Samsung TV includes a wide range of additional features that allow users to select a model that fits their specifications. For instance, a Samsung smart TV can connect to the internet. Many models allow for wireless networking, while others are equipped with an Ethernet port that allows for a wired connection to the internet.

Any of the plasma TVs that provide online functionality are also outfitted with numerous applications for a wide range of tasks, from browsing the internet to video chatting with friends. Televisions are no longer designed for only entertainment purposes but can now serve various user needs.

Many of the systems that incorporate three-dimensional capabilities also provide specialized glasses that allow users to see additional depth when watching a three-dimensional movie or show. In addition, several models come with a headphone jack. This can be handy when users do not want to disturb other household members.

Additional features include the Cinema Smooth feature and thin bezel designs. The Cinema Smooth function alters the refresh rate of the television from 60 Hz to 96 Hz so that it can accept 24 Hz input without any flickering. This function is useful when watching motion picture films for a smoother viewing experience.

People appreciate that Samsung TVs come in a wide range of colors. Although the majority of Samsung TVs for sale are black, silver, or gray, consumers can find other options at a reasonable price on eBay to match the scheme of their home. Some even come in red, white, pink, or beige.

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