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Searching Out CRT TVs for Entertainment

While TV brands may have moved beyond offering CRT televisions, some people still want working models or ones in good condition. CRTs are still useful for a few different purposes, from specialized museum art installations to good old-fashioned video games. If you are looking for a CRT TV, no matter what the reason, keep in mind you have a fair number to choose from.

What Are Some Samsung CRT TVs Suited for Vintage Video Gaming?

If you're looking for a TV for gaming in particular, keep in mind the needs of the system you want to use. Not all older TVs were made the same as technology was constantly improving. You may run into issues if the system is too modern.

  • Light Gun Games: These games were specifically designed for a lower resolution. The light guns work by receiving light from the television and sending what you are pointing at by the brightness of the image. These might not work with a resolution higher than 480i.
  • Screen Format : Older game systems that were made in the CRT TV era were created for screens that have an aspect ratio of 4:3. Modern TVs have an aspect ratio of 16:9, stretching out the picture and making it look odd.
  • Connectors: Depending on which connectors your gaming system has, you might need extra connectors. The older televisions had S-video inputs, but newer ones may even have HDMI. You can still find most connectors in various places online.

What Extra TV Features Should I Consider?

When looking at CRT televisions, you might want to think about uses other than gaming. You might still have a home library full of videocassettes. Or maybe you don't want to lug a 200-pound television around. Either way, you might want to keep an eye out for these features.

  • VCR Built-In: If you still have video tapes in your home library, a built-in VCR may come in handy. It could provide you the opportunity to watch your old movies before moving to a digitized format. The belts in the old VCRs are known for giving out, so if this is important to you, make sure you know it is working.
  • Flat: Some models from the early 2000s were flat screen as opposed to the typical curved ones. There should not be much difference in gameplay, so it is up to your preference.
  • SlimFit: Another series of TVs from Samsung was the SlimFit CRT. Introduced to the market in 2005, they gained almost 40 percent of the market share although they were not out for long as the company shifted away from the technology shortly thereafter. The SlimFits were considerably thinner than the standard CRT television.

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