Pistolas de pulverización SATA Automotive


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SATA Automotive Spray Guns

In 1925, the first SATA spray paint gun was produced. Back then, it was only available to the lacquer factory Christian Lechler in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. Now, its available to everyone from the occasional user to the professional. SATA paint guns come in four different types: HVLP, RP-Technology, Conventional, and Automatic. Each SATA spray gun has its own pros and cons, so you should select one that meets the needs of the user. It’s important to do the research and learn the difference between the different types of equipment.


The HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray gun uses a regulator to control the air pressure which allows the paint to be atomized but discharges at a slower rate. The pro side of this technology is that because of the slower rate of flow there is a reduction in the overspray and blowback giving you a better, smoother looking finish. On the con side, the user needs to be approximately 6 inches from the automobile.


RP (Reduced Pressure) technology was developed for users who wanted a faster speed than was available with an HVLP gun. In addition to having a 30% rate increase, RP sprayers allow users to spray at a distance up to two inches further from the vehicle than other models.


Conventional SATA automotive spray guns use high pressure to get the paint from the container. Due to this high-pressure, the spray is finely atomized and produces very fine particles which in turn gives you a smooth application. The only downside to this technology is all the paint doesnt actually make it on the vehicle but is released into the air.


SATA automotive spray guns are designed for high production requirements. Because of fine atomization users get the perfect finish each and every time a job is complete.

Once you find the main tool for your garage, its time to pick out accessories. Spray tips come in various sizes which control the spray. In addition, because of the back spray often associated with this type of device, users should wear protective gear such as a mask, gown, and shoe covers.