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Shirts Made by Robert Graham Offer Comfort and Versatility

There are many occasions when you need a shirt that is dressier than everyday wear. Affordable Robert Graham button-down shirts could fit the bill for those casual yet nice activities in which you are involved. Find lots of options, both new and used, on eBay.

What patterns can you find in these shirts?

You will find a variety of different styles and patterns. Some shirts are of one color with no pattern. The Duke panel patchwork white sport shirt, although all white, has a patchwork look to it. If you want stripes, you can find them in many different colors. If you like paisley, these are also available. Floral prints can also be found, such as the gin blossom floral print shirt.

Other patterns include one with a skull pattern on it and various beach varieties. A few of the shirts have one pattern for the body of the shirt with a coordinating pattern on the collar and cuffs.

You can also find shirts with embroidery on them. An example of this are the embroidered stripes shirts, as well as other patterns with embroidery on them.

What styles of Robert Graham shirts are there?

You can find long-sleeve shirts, as well as short-sleeve shirts. Some of the shirts come with a flip cuff that accents the rest of the shirt. You can also choose which type of fabric you like. The fabrics include 100% cotton and cotton blends, 100% silk, and denim. You can also find shirts made from linen, linen blends, and polyester.

As far as collars, you can find straight collars. There are also spread collars. Some shirts include removable stays.

What kinds of fits do the shirts have?

These three terms can be a little bit confusing. Here is a little information to help.

  • Classic fit - A classic fit shirt is built generously through the chest and waist. It provides a good shape without constriction.
  • Slim fit - A slim fit is made with less fabric so that it is tighter in the chest and waist. The cut is such that it is shaped to the body. However, it is not so tight that you can't move around in it.
  • Regular fit - The regular fit is basically the same as a classic fit. It is cut straight with no specific shape.
How is Robert Graham sizing?

The sizes are pretty standard. Many of the shirts available give detailed information about sizes, such as distance from shoulder to shoulder. Distance from collar to hem is another measurement that is often included. Sleeve length and chest circumference can also be found on many of these Robert Graham button-down shirts.