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Rebounder Fitness Trampolines

Rebounder Fitness Trampolines

People engage in various forms of exercise each day. For some, the ultimate goal is to maintain a healthy body weight; others engage in exercise to become stronger and achieve greater flexibility. No matter what the reasons are for deciding to embark upon a fitness routine, rebounders can provide an effective leg muscle workout.

What is the purpose of a rebounder?

Rebounder trampolines are similar to their popular full-sized counterparts. They are essentially a personal or mini trampoline designed for rebounding or jumping activities. To rebound, you simply jump up and down and experience the gentle bounce of the trampoline.

How much weight can a rebounder support?

The specific weight rebounders can hold will vary to some degree between manufacturing companies. In order to rebound safely, youll want to double check the weight limits of the item you choose to purchase. Many of these types of exercise equipment are designed to support a body weight of up to 220 pounds, but it is vital to ensure the rebounder you choose can safely support your specific weight.

Who can use a rebounder trampoline?

It is best that you speak with your physician before deciding to rebound as a form of exercise. Although it is generally considered safe for most people to bounce gently, there may be specific factors relating to your health conditions that warrant a professional opinion from a medical professional. Please do not begin any rebounder workout routine without consulting with an experienced physician who knows the details of your medical issues.

What accessories come with a rebounder trampoline?

In order to rebound safely and efficiently, you may benefit from a few accessories. Some rebound equipment comes with accessories. Others sell these additional items separately. Accessories can include stabilizer bars, tall handles, armbands, and complete workout DVDs.

How do you care for your rebounder trampoline?

Following a few common-sense rules will help you take care of your trampoline. Firstly, be sure to keep the item clean. If you wear shoes while jumping or working out, be sure the surface of your shoes remains clean. Wipe off any spills or debris promptly to protect the exterior of your rebound equipment. Its ideal to pack the item away when its not in use. Most of this equipment comes with fully collapsible legs to allow you to store the item in a closet or small space when its not needed. Also, be sure to pay careful attention to the maintenance of the springs that support your body weight. Replacement springs can be purchased as needed.