Ready-to-Paint Pottery

Enjoy Creating With Ready-to-Paint Pottery

Ready-to-paint pottery makes for a creative and fun pastime. You don't need to have the skills to mold a piece of pottery with your hands with painting kits. Instead, you can buy a piece of your choice that you then paint to your liking. Learn how to select just the right pottery for your needs.

What are ready-to-paint ceramic kits?

It's now easier than ever to paint your own porcelain. eBay offers a wide variety of ready-to-paint kits, including paint-your-own porcelain bowls. They typically come with the piece of pottery (or multiple items), an array of simple paint pots, and the instructions. Another of the more popular variety includes a classic mini-village kit that is excellent to paint and then put up for display during the holiday season.

Why is bisque porcelain perfect for painting?

Bisque porcelain is what bisque dolls and figurines from Europe were made of many years ago. It also has a matte texture and surface that allows you to paint it. The color of bisque porcelain is like a white marble that allows it to easily take a variety of paint colors. Bisque can be painted with a ceramic glaze that will make it able to hold water. You can do some truly beautiful things with bisque porcelain, and there are many such pieces and kits that are available through eBay.

What are some occasions to select ready-to-paint pottery?

If you're unable to get to a pottery studio or arts center, it's a good idea to have ready-to-paint ceramic kits or individual pieces at home. This can be a rainy day activity for the whole family or a means to decorate a new house on a budget.

It may be difficult to decide what to choose, in this instance you should think about upcoming holidays or themes. Your loved one is sure to appreciate your gift if they're creative and have wanted to get into working with ceramics. The benefit of getting ready-to-paint porcelain is that there's going to be less of a mess and it's a beautifully crafted piece to complement decor or add to a home village.

What can you use ceramic bisque pottery for?

Ceramic bisque pottery is pottery that's been fired only once and is chemically bonded. There are many ready-to-paint pieces and kits available.

The following is a wide array of gifts and items that you can make from ready-to-paint ceramic:

  • Tree ornaments
  • Figurines (great for children in careful play)
  • Salt-and-pepper shakers
  • Wall hangings
  • Village homes, people, benches, etc.