Based out of Orlando, Florida, Randall has been manufacturing custom knives for a wide range of uses since 1938. The company specializes in fixed blade knives, nearly all of which are hand-forged. In addition to custom knives, Randall also makes hand-crafted leather sheaths.

What types of knives are available?

Randall offers two models of knives (several of which have multiple sub-models) for a variety of applications including hunting, military, fishing, skinning, carving, utility, diving, and survival. These range in size and shape from the 3.5-inch Model 27 Mini Trailblazer to the 13-inch Model 12 Raymond Thorp Bowie.

How are Randall knives manufactured?

All the knives are 100 percent handmade in the company’s own workshop. The blades are made from high-carbon, imported .01 tool steel or stainless steel. They are hand ground, honed, and polished. The handles are made from a range of materials including robust woods, ivorite, and staghorn.The company’s team includes around 20 craftsmen led by the son and grandson of Bo Randall Jr., the founder.

What does Randall certification mean?

All the company’s knives are certified. This means that they were hand-made by an in-house team of craftsmen. Additionally, the certification indicates that the knife was inspected and defect-free at the point of shipping to the original owner.

What is the difference between tool steel and stainless steel?

Randall knives’ blades are manufactured from either high-carbon tool steel or stainless steel. According to the company, the former tend to hold an edge roughly 10 percent better and is easier to hone. On the other hand, stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion and staining. Thus, stainless may be better-suited for use in humid climates.

What sheaths are available?

In addition to knives, Randall also manufactures handmade leather sheaths. These are made with an oil-tanned, saddle leather and are heavily stitched with a 3-play stitch to protect the spine. The company makes several styles of sheaths and pairs and appropriate style with every knife. They also offer customizations such as black dye, left-handed orientation, and waxing.

Why are knives with the same model number different?

Every knife produced by Randall is handcrafted, and many are customized by the original buyer. Additionally, there are several models with different sub-models. For example, the company’s catalog includes 7 versions of the Model 12 Bowie.The company has been making knives since 1938. During this time, the team has updated its designs to improve them. So, two knives may be quite different even if they have the same model number, especially if manufactured in different years.

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