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Enjoy Your Favorite Songs on a Pro-Ject Turntable

You may enjoy the traditional style of listening to your favorite artists and bands. A Pro-Ject turntable lets you enjoy the nostalgia of pulling an album from its sleeve and truly relishing the music. Plus, vintage flea markets and garage sales have records you may have never dreamed of owning today.

What type of features does a Pro-Ject turntable have?

There are several features that a Pro-Ject turntable has that make it unique. Each turntable doesn't include all of these features, so be sure to carefully review the eBay description. Additional options include:

  • Bluetooth - Bluetooth utilizes wireless technology to listen to your turntable in another room.
  • Line-In Jack - This audio jack is used to connect to another device or microphone.
  • Manual System - The manual system refers to a turntable with which you manually move the needle to play music.
  • Portable - This is a turntable you can easily take with you.
  • USB Transfer - A USB transfer allows you to convert your vinyl records to digital files.
What audio outputs are optional for a Pro-Ject turntable?

The Pro-Ject turntable audio output depicts how the audio signal is transmitted to a powered speaker or receiver. There are several different ways to project the audio, depending on the type of output your turntable utilizes. The different options include:

  • Digital Coaxial RCA
  • DIN
  • Headphone Jack
  • Stereo L/R RCA
What's a belt drive for a turntable?

The belt drive of a turntable is an elastic belt that is directly attached to the motor and used to spin the platter. Note, with a belt-drive system, over time you will generally need to replace the belt. You can easily find replacement parts with a quick eBay search. A turntable can also have a direct-drive or idler-wheel system. The direct-drive turntable has the motor directly under the platter. This is the preferred style if you are a DJ and wanting to control the speed of your record. The idler-wheel system was once the most common type but has almost completely been replaced with belt-drive systems.

What's a Pro-Ject Brush It?

A Pro-Ject Brush It is a carbon fiber record brush. It's an anti-static record cleaner, used to remove dust and debris from your vinyl records that can effect the sound of your record. It does a more effective job of cleaning records since it gets into the grooves of the vinyl. Plus, it helps to remove the static electricity from your record that is causing the dust to cling to the record in the first place.

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