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Pirates of the Caribbean Games

If you are a fan of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies or just a fan of the ride at Disney, then playing the “Pirates of the Caribbean” games may be something to consider. You can pretend to be one of your favorite characters as you sail across the sea, as bold as Captain Jack Sparrow, or as spiteful as Davy Jones, when you compete in “Pirates of the Caribbean” games.

What is “Pirates of the Caribbean”?

“Pirates of the Caribbean” is a ride at Disney World that was turned into a movie starring Johnny Depp. The success of that movie led to a series of adventure films for pirates everywhere. It led to other “Pirates of the Caribbean” rides in theme parks worldwide, as well as a variety of games based on the ride and movies.

Are there different types of “Pirates of the Caribbean” games?

“Pirates of the Caribbean” was re-imagined into more than 10 video games for several platforms. A few classic games also have taken on a “Pirates of the Caribbean” style. Take a chance at playing one of these “Pirates of the Caribbean” games to see if the pirate’s life is for you:

  • Monopoly: Find out who is the true master of the seas with the “Pirates” version of Monopoly. Some of the game pieces include a pirate’s sword, Jack Sparrow’s compass, and a treasure chest.
  • Battleship: This classic game of Battleship is re-imagined with a “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme.
  • Yahtzee: As you reveal your numbers, you can pretend to play for your years of servitude upon Davy Jones’ Flying Dutchman.
  • Scene It?: “Pirates of the Caribbean” fans can test their knowledge with this trivia and board game mashup. You will be required to identify sounds and images while answering questions about the movies.
What main characters from the movies appear in these games?
  • Captain Jack Sparrow: He is an unorthodox pirate who does whatever he needs to do to get what he wants.
  • Will Turner: The son of Bootstrap Bill, who was a friend of Jack Sparrow, Will is an honorable man who denies being a pirate until he learns that pirating is in his blood.
  • Elizabeth Swann: She is the daughter of the governor, and the love interest of Will Turner. A love triangle developed after Jack Sparrow also became attracted to her.
  • Captain Barbossa: Barbossa is a pirate and Jack Sparrow’s rival. They become allies when a new enemy threatens the existence of all pirates.
  • Davy Jones: He used to be an average pirate but a broken heart turned him into a squid-like grim reaper who causes the other characters to unite against him.
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