Patio Chairs

Homeowners with an outdoor patio can make their outdoor living space all the more comfortable and visually appealing with an attractive set of furniture for the patio. Sold as sets or in individual table and chair options, the look and feel of the right chair on the outdoor patio is one of the most important variables to consider when selecting outdoor seating. When spending time out on the patio, you and your guests will most likely spend a significant amount of time seated around the table, so make sure you have patio chairs that will provide the most comfortable seating possible.

Are there stackable aluminum outdoor seating options available? 

There are a variety of stackable aluminum outdoor patio chairs in a range of colors outside the standard aluminum coloring. Based on the make of the chair, the stackable aluminum chair can be an all aluminum construction or may have a frame of aluminum with the seating, backing, and armrest areas composed of different materials. Stackable aluminum patio furniture is handy in that it is light, resistant to rust, and is easy to clean. Stacking and unstacking the furniture is quick and easy and can be done in mere moments.

Outside of aluminum, what other furniture materials are used?

In patio furniture, aluminum may be one of the most popular choices. However, shoppers do have a number of other chair and table options to choose from. Other materials composing the seating and table in patio furniture include wicker, metal, plastic, fabric, and rattan.

What addition can you make to an outdoor patio chair?

Cushions are a great addition to outdoor patio furniture, with a number of styles specific for outdoor patio chair use. Patio dining chairs with a harder seat, common in the aluminum and wicker chair, for example, do well with cushions. Cushions can help make the patio dining chairs look nicer, and certainly make for a much more comfortable seat.

A lounge chair can also be a very nice complement to the other outdoor furniture pieces, especially if the lounge chair is a similar design to the other pieces. Having a lounge chair is a nice way to stretch out and enjoy the day.

How well does wicker hold up in the weather?

Outdoor patio furniture made with wicker is made with an all-weather variety, which is a man-made substance and not all natural. With a plastic-like substance making up the fibers, it does not become dry or brittle when exposed to extended periods of sunlight. It is also water resistant, with water beading up on it before any of it is absorbed. This also makes it very easy to clean.