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Panasonic 30

Panasonic 30 to 39-Inch TVs

Panasonic produces a variety of full-HD flat-screen TVs that may meet your home entertainment and multimedia needs. If you are looking for a LED TV that is sized appropriately for your living room or family space, one of their 30 to 39-inch models may fulfill your requirements. Understanding some of the available features and the display technologies these devices use may help you find the product that suits your preferences.

What display options are there?

Most TVs use one of three types of technology in order to display the images on their screens. Understanding how these different methods work may help you narrow your search for a TV.

These common displays include:

  • LED TV: Note that both LED TVs and LCDs use liquid crystals for display purposes. The lights in an LCD display are always located behind the screen itself. The lights on a LED TV may be either behind its screen or surrounding its edges.
  • CRT: You may find a model that uses cathode ray tubes to produce images. For this type, electron beams go through different modulations to create the display.
  • Plasma: A plasma flat screen TV uses gases that contain an electrical charge in order to display images on the screen.
What additional features can you choose?

You may be able to find a LED TV that includes some additional features.

Some common features you might find depending on the model you choose include:

  • Wi-Fi: Some televisions may have Wi-Fi capabilities. This allows you to connect the device to your home Wi-Fi network. Once the TV is on that network, you may be able to pair it with other devices.
  • Audio jacks: You may be able to find a LED TV that includes audio jacks for external sound support. Devices with this feature may be able to support other devices such as headphones or external speakers for surround sound.
  • HDMI: An HDTV with this feature should have at least one port that can accept an HDMI cable. You may be able to use an HDMI cable to connect your HDTV to a laptop or gaming console.
What common resolutions can you choose?

The display resolution for full HD televisions is typically measured by how many lines of pixels it produces.

Two of the most common resolutions for HD TVs include:

  • 720p: This television resolution should produce 720 horizontal lines in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • 1080p: This HD resolution should produce 1080 lines on the display. It usually does this in a widescreen format using a progressive scanning mode.
How do you clean the screen of an HDTV?

Use the basic guidelines to clean your LCD television screen:

  • Turn the television off: Shutting down your television makes it easier to see smudges on the black surface.
  • Wipe it clean: Use a clean, soft cloth to gently wipe away any dirt and debris.
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