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PUMA Golf Shoes for Men

PUMA makes several types of shoes for men including sports shoes for regular golf or disc golf. You can choose from many models of PUMA golf shoes, each with different features and characteristics. It's important to understand the primary features included in their shoes so that you can choose the pair that benefits you.

What collections of PUMA golf shoes for men are available?

PUMA golf shoes for men offer the SF Lux Limited Ferrari golf shoes. This shoe uses the S2Quill technology and has a full-grain leather upper and sole. It also has replaceable spikes. Additional collections from PUMA include:

What materials are used in PUMA golf shoes for men?

The company produces sports shoes for men using a few primary materials. Examples of some of the common materials they use in the production of men's shoes include:

  • Leather
  • Microfiber
  • Nylon
  • Suede
  • Polyester
What is the difference between men's golf shoes and cleats?

Traditional golfing shoes for men are spikeless, meaning that the treads have nothing else attached to them. Golf cleats are a type of men's footwear that have spikes or other points attached to the bottom of the treads. These cleats may promote traction when you're on the green. However, there are different types of cleats, and understanding how each type of cleat works can help you make the choice that works for you.

What types of spikes are used for men's golf shoes?

If you want to choose men's footwear that uses a spike or cleat, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types and compositions they include. The most common types of spikes or cleats include the following:

  • Metal spikes: the heaviest type you can use
  • Rubber spikes: made of polyurethane and are lightweight
  • Ceramic spikes: materials used in ceramic spikes can help against scratches or scuffing
What color options are available?

PUMA makes shoes for men in a host of colors. Some of their common colors include black, orange, silver, white, and two-tone or multiple colors.

How can you size golf shoes for men?

PUMA categorizes their men's footwear according to the following sizes:

  • Regular sizes
  • Junior sizes
  • Big and Tall sizes
What are the features of the Ignite model?

PUMA's Ignite line of men's sports footwear has the following features:

  • Ignite foam cushioning
  • Spikeless grips
  • PWRFrame support
  • Leather accents with PUMA logos and style
  • A PWRCage saddle