What You Need to Know About PS3 Racing Games

Racing games for the Sony PlayStation 3 console invite players to compete in virtual vehicle races around obstacle-laden tracks. Most of these games, which range from cartoonish to hyperrealistic, rely on quick reflexes, strategic vehicle handling, and skill at memorizing track layouts. In addition to games designed specifically for the Sony PlayStation 3, this console can also run most games in this genre that were designed for the PS1 and PS2.

How do you play racing games on the PS3?

The control layout varies from game to game. The D-pad and left and right joysticks often steer the vehicle, while the L and R buttons provide acceleration and braking. Players can usually customize the controls to their liking in a game's start menu. Players can also hook up the PS3 racing controller to simulate realistic driving.

What are some types of PS3 racing games?

PS3 games in this genre come in four main variants:

  • Arcade-Style: These PlayStation 3 games feature loose physics for exaggerated, fast-paced fun; they often include power sliding, extremely high speeds, and elaborate obstacles. Games in this subgenre include "Burnout Paradise," "Burnout Crash!" "Sega Rally Revo," "Midnight Club: Los Angeles," "MotorStorm: RC," and "Ridge Racer Unbounded."
  • Kart: Featuring zany tracks, simplified controls, and cartoonish power-ups, this is the ultimate pick-up-and-play genre. It includes "Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing," "Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed," "LittleBigPlanet Karting," and "ModNation Racers."
  • Racing Simulator: Realistic physics characterize this genre, along with an emphasis on real-life driving concerns, such as tire conditions, fuel levels, and precise cornering. "Gran Turismo 5," "Gran Turismo 6," "Need for Speed Rivals," "Nascar the Game: Inside Line," and "Baja: Edge of Control" are PlayStation 3 racing simulators.
  • Vehicular Combat: Destroying other cars is key in this genre. "Twisted Metal" and "Monster Jam: Path of Destruction" are vehicular combat games for the PlayStation 3. Some games such as "Burnout Crash!" and "Ridge Racer Unbounded" feature combat elements while focusing primarily on racing.
What do the ratings for PlayStation 3 racing titles mean?

Each PS3 title in this genre comes with an age rating based on the content of the game.

  • Everyone: Suitable for all ages.
  • Everyone 10+: Suitable for ages 10 and up.
  • Teen: Suitable for ages 13 and up.
  • Mature: Suitable for ages 17 and up.
  • Adults Only: Suitable for ages 19 and up.
How do cheat codes work for these games?

Many titles in this genre have cars, tracks, and game modes you can unlock only after completing challenges or inputting special codes. You can usually find these codes in online walkthroughs. Some titles let you input the code on a special screen, while others require you to press button combinations at the start menu.

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