Expand Your Multitasking Capability Using PC3200 DDR-400 MHz 256 MB Memory Modules

Multitasking takes the power of the computer and expands it, allowing you to work on a PowerPoint presentation while communicating with your coworkers and browsing the internet. All of these tasks require RAM to function smoothly. With a PC3200 DDR-400 MHz 256 MB module you can have the power and freedom to take advantage of your system's ability to multitask.

How can you find the right RAM for your computer?

With so many options available, getting the right RAM for your system can take more than just a cursory glance. There's a few things you should look out for when shopping for yours, some of which include the following:

  • Compatibility: In order for your system to be compatible with a stick of RAM, it will need to match the slot type and pin count on your motherboard. Each motherboard will have a different specification for the type of module it can accept. Some processors may also have compatibility requirements for the system's memory.
  • Module capacity: Generally listed as gigabytes (GB) and sometimes megabytes (MB), this is the maximum available storage for the module. A higher GB or MB means more available memory for your system to work with.
  • Bus speed and transfer rate: A combination of the PC designation at the beginning of a module name and the listed megahertz (MHz), this will determine how quickly your module can communicate with your processor. The PC3200 memory module has a transfer rate of 3200 MB/s. You'll usually want to find the fastest RAM that your system is compatible with.

What does PC3200 RAM do for your computer?

Random-Access Memory (RAM) is a volatile storage medium used to provide your processor with on-demand data for your system's applications and processes. Volatile storage is erased every time the system is powered off. Almost all applications or running processes use some amount of memory in order to efficiently communicate with your processor. You can think of RAM as an open table that your processor uses to pull ingredients from in order to function.The more memory you have, the more applications you can run concurrently on your system. Adding additional modules can help improve multitasking and system performance.

What is a PC3200 DDR module?

Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (DDR SDRAM) is an industry standard technology used for memory modules. It lays out a set of specifications to help standardize modules for use in consumer and commercial devices. DDR makes high transfer rates and communication speeds possible through the use of double pumping to work in concert with your system's processor. The PC3200 designation at the beginning of the module lists the transfer rate of the memory module.

What is dual channel PC3200 RAM?

Dual channel modules take advantage of two physical module slots on a motherboard to effectively double their speed when communicating with the system's processor. Your motherboard will need to have two module slots in order to take advantage of dual channel communication. While matching sticks of memory aren't required for dual channel to function, it is generally a good idea to get identical modules to make the most of the technology.