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Outdoor Edge Hunting Knives and Tools

For outdoor situations, you need a tough, well-crafted knife. Outdoor Edge hunting knives and tools offer a wide variety designed to make your nature excursions easier. Plus, the line of Outdoor Edge accessories can help you to keep your tools in good shape for the long haul.

What metals are used to construct Outdoor Edge knives?

Outdoor Edge knives are made from several varieties of stainless steel. These include 8Cr14MoV, 440A, 420J2, and AUS-8. These metals, AUS-8 stainless in particular, make use of chrome-moly steel that is high in carbon and is heat treated to a 57-58 Rockwell-C hardness rating. This provides you with blades that are long-lasting, razor sharp, and strong.

How do you sharpen serrated knife blades?

Outdoor Edge produces a range of knives with serrated edges. To sharpen such blades properly, you need special tools that include sharpening rods. These are tapered, rod-shaped sharpening tools that can fit in between the serrations of blades. Other commonly used serrated knife sharpening tools include metal files, dowels, and square stones.

What is a distinguishing characteristic of a hollow-edge knife?

Hollow-edge knives have distinctive designs that include special indentations near the cutting edges. These “hollowed out” regions can help prevent food from sticking to the blade during carving, resulting in improved speed and efficiency. They tend to be sturdy, which makes them useful in a variety of cooking situations. The design of these knives allows you to make thin, clean cuts with minimal work.

Are these knives rustproof?

Outdoor Edge products include knives made from corrosion-resistant stainless steels that do not rust easily. That said, to minimize the chance of oxidation completely, stainless-steel blades need proper care. Using rust-inhibiting products can help your knives to last even longer.

What are some common uses for Outdoor Edge blades?

These knives are useful in a variety of outdoor situations. Outdoor Edge offers cutting tools for hunting, survival, personal protection, fishing, and cooking.

How should you care for these blades?

These knives are made from strong metals, but still need care to keep them in top shape. Outdoor Edge knives should be cleaned promptly with warm water and dish soap after every use in the field. They should be carefully dried after cleaning and placed in dry scabbards. In addition, you should sharpen your knives periodically before they lose their edges.

What kinds of accessories are available for these knives?

Outdoor Edge provides a line of accessories designed to support your open-air activities and keep your equipment in good shape. These include:

  • Replacement knives
  • Steel sticks
  • Game shears
  • Multipurpose holsters
  • Carbide steel sharpeners